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  1. I'll give that a go. I'll have to check out the theme workshop sometime too....
  2. Hello, No problem, I've posted the request to Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6333/feature-request-marquees One interim questions: is there a simple, 4:3 theme that you can recommend for use on a CRT? Also, once I have the 16:9 monitor mounted, I'll take a picture of the setup. I think you'll find it interesting. Thanks again
  3. Hi again, GroovyMame is already doing this – the emulator targets the second display (CRT) for running the game. This is done in the INI file. Just to clarify, in Big Box the following settings are applied: Primary Screen: Screen 1 Marquee Screen: Screen 1 Despite Screen 1 being specified for the Marquee Screen, the marquee art doesn't display. When the game is launched, the "game loading" screen appears, and then Screen 1 switches to black – not the Marquee. So what you're noting is exactly the problem that I'm having. Since Screen 1 is setup for both Primary and Marquee – it should display both, but it doesn't. Thanks again
  4. No — I’m only using GroovyMame at this time.
  5. I had two ideas: 1. I experimented a bit with the individual theme options. I noticed when the "loading screen" option was set to off the game info screen will remain visible on SCREEN 1 during gameplay. Perhaps a theme could be modified to display the marquee artwork instead of the game info screen when a game is selected, before launching the game. 2. This would likely be a real pain, but the MAME ini could be edited to take advantage of the "layout" features. This would force MAME to load a custom LAY file, which would only include the marquee art. I'd prefer not to go this route though as ease of use was the reason why I invested in Launchbox and Big Box. Thanks again
  6. Hi, this is why I’m posting. I’m hoping that this can be enabled, or perhaps there could be a workaround using a custom theme? Thanks again
  7. Hello, I have a unique setup that requires my Primary (game selection) screen to be shared with the Marquee screen. Below are the two monitors in my setup: SCREEN 1: Modern, ultrawide LCD monitor SCREEN 2: CRT monitor In Big Box General: Primary Screen is set to SCREEN 1, and Marquee Screen is set to SCREEN 1. The idea is that SCREEN 1 (LCD) will show the Primary (game selection) screen. Once a game is selected, it would play on SCREEN 2 (CRT) and SCREEN 1 (LCD) would switch to the Marquee for the game being played. This doesn't work unfortunately, and SCREEN 1 (LCD) changes to black after the "now loading" screen disappears. I was able to get this to work in way - setting the Primary to SCREEN 2 (CRT) aloud the Marquee to be shown on SCREEN 1 (LCD) during gameplay. The problem is that I don't want to use the 4:3 CRT as the Primary - I want to utilize my ultrawide monitor for that task, as well as for showing the Marquee art. Is there a workaround, or perhaps a setting that I am missing? Thank you
  8. I built an i9 9900k to be able to push Groovymame to the limits. Even with that sort of CPU, some games can only run with frame_delay set to 7 or 8 – like Out Run for example. That PC is pretty good, it's odd there is an issue.
  9. Hello, I came across a glitch in Big Box. When browsing through games, sometimes a Title Screen image will appear and remain visible. This only disappears when Big Box is quit and relaunched. I've attached a photograph of the screen for reference. While the game selection is on NIGHT STRIKER, a Title Screen image for CAPCOM VS. SNK is shown. Also, the Title Screen image isn't supposed to be shown in this version of the Theme. Could you please advise on a fix? Thank you
  10. Hello, I was able to restore the sound by switching to WASAPI instead of WDM-KS. The garbled sound you experienced means that your computer can't handle that low of a setting. If you pushed it up to a higher value, it would work. You just have to experiment. LordMonkus, what kind of computer are you using? Ideally, we'd be able to use WDM-KS. I have a feeling the issue is with the video previews in Launchbox. Would there be a way to add a line of code to Launchbox that tells it to "kill" any audio before launching a game? I think that this would fix the issue. Thank you!
  11. Hello, I'm a new user of LaunchBox/Big Box and I've come across an issue. The sound in the frontend's menu works great, but when I launch a game in GroovyMame .205 there isn't any sound. I have Portaudio enabled and I have a feeling that this is causing the issue. Portaudio needs to be the only sound device running to work properly. Here is the code from my Mame INI: # OSD SOUND OPTIONS # sound portaudio audio_latency 1 # # PORTAUDIO OPTIONS # pa_api "Windows WDM-KS" pa_device "Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)" pa_latency 0.00075 Could you please advise? Thank you
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