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  1. So here's my problem. I'm trying to get mupen64plus ui to close automatically when I stop the emulator. I was able to set the hotkey in the cfg file so that I could use the controller to stop the emulator, but that then leaves up the gui. I would like the gui to close when I stop the emulator. I had downloaded the gui+mupen from here https://m64p.github.io/ IDK if I should use autohotkey or if there's some command that I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: Quick update, I've now tried the general emulator exit AHK and that doesn't seem to work. When pressing esc the gui is still left running. Edit2: AHK script was in the wrong spot. Had it in the on close, not the running section. Now the gui auto closes when I press esc. But I would like the gui to close without using the keyboard. Like I had mentioned, I do have a button sequence to stop the emulator, but that still leaves the gui up even with the AHK script in the right place. I assume that something like joy2key could work, but I would rather not take that route if there's another option. Any ideas on how to get the gui to close with by using the controller? Final Edit (probably): Think I got it to work. I'm fully using AHK now and removed the mupen emulator stop (didn't work the way I wanted anyways). Found this thread and used the script there: Ran into the issue that the hooks ($ things) chained together so whenever I was pressing start it was actually running my esc part of the script. Removing the esc part, and leaving this timer script seems to work for me.
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