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  1. now how would i change a theme i am curious
  2. launching Bigbox from kodi and also accessing it
  3. I was curious if there is a tutorial for using Bigbox with kodi i saw many video's with kodi and Bigbox and bigbox with different themes so i was wondering if there is a tutorial
  4. Lowden

    EmuMovies Down?

    Does Anyone know if there having server issues with Emumovies
  5. Lowden

    404 Error

    sorry tired and didn't notice
  6. Lowden

    404 Error

    I am curious if there is a server issue with the database or metadata i have 6805 errors for images not found with a 404 error saying it could not download image because of the 404
  7. thank you for that. but i was curious if to use launchbox is retroarch needed. or can stand alone emulator be placed in launchbox and used from the front end. like i said all of this is confusing to me \
  8. well when it comes to computers themselves i am pretty savy, just unfamiliar with emulation, i know how to make a droid box and pi system but so many back and fourth information out there it can get confusing. i have a pc for everything already built i have a small form factor pc running B450 motherboard with 16 gigs ddr ram and ryzen 5 chip and a 1060ti graphics card running out of a nod 202 case and i am looking to combine things a emulator system/htpc running kodi etc \
  9. I am a total noob to emulation and i need to know where to get started. what i want to do is is emulate anything i can from nes up as well as doing htpc on the same pc. But i am completely clueless on any emulation and what is needed i have watched a little on you tube but that gets confusing.. Please Need Help!!!
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