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  1. Thank neil9000, it works now and I understand everything much better.
  2. Hi guys, total noob here. I've been setting up Launch Box and I've run into an issue. While batch adding my ROMs I have selected RetroArch as my emulator. This has worked flawlessly for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis but NES games just don't launch. I believe what has happened is that Launch Box has correctly associated the correct cores (the ones I installed in RetroArch) for the SNES and the Sega. I chose and installed the Mesen core for NES which I suspect Launch Box is not correctly pathing my NES roms to. I tried to see if I could maybe edit my emulator settings by selecting all the NES roms, right clicking them and and selecting "Edit" which leads to "Bulk Edit". When I choose to edit emulator, the only option is RetroArch, the only emulator I have installed. I suppose I could just install Mesen outside of RetroArch, but I don's want to do this so I can keep my hot keys and UI consistent across all my systems. My question is. Is there a way to change which core is used through Launch Box/how do you do it. Worst case scenario is That I can just remove all the NES roms and batch add them again and change some setting in the wizard to direct to the correct core. If I just start over, how do I set Launch Box to use the correct core. I hope my question is clear to you guys. Thanks in advanced for any response.
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