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  1. Yes. You can use a vertical screen to play vertical shooters and regular 4:3 ratio screen games like Street Fighters on the same screen without any problems.
  2. Ok, I will upload the video to Youtube as soon as I finish setting it up with BigBox pretty soon.
  3. Thanks! I'll get the BigBox and try it today. I've already figured out how to correct size for my marquee LCD. Will let you guys know how it goes and keep you guys posted.
  4. Ok I'll try to upload some links to the YouTube video later. Sorry for the late reply, having a beautiful baby girl requires all of my free time! :)
  5. That's the problem here. ;) It's not done yet and am still figuring out how to do it. I could just use Hypermarquee but I hate Hyperspin.
  6. Hi guys! Sorry for the late reply! I was so busy haha ok, about the marquee screen, you can get it from Ebay easily. Not that expensive either. So go ahead over to Ebay and type something like Stretched LCD screen and you will find it there. Hope you guys can get it and upload your own set ups!! It will be so interesting to see other people's work! Haha Anything, just let me know. Good luck!
  7. Wow I'll definitely try that. Thanks! It didn't take that long to mod it. Getting the parts is a long process but once you got it, just one or two days to work on the cabinet. Really enjoyed the modding and having an arcade machine at home is such a blast. This small machine gives me so much fun!
  8. Hi guys first timer here. I recently have modified my Arcade 1 up machine to be vertical screen with LCD marquee. Here is the picture. Take a look. The question is, do Bigbox has vertical themes? How can I use it? Don't have a clue. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me on that. Thanks.
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