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  1. I've aimed the light gun at the center and move about a foot to the top left to try and center the cross hairs also. Ill see what I can do about the video. I use Joytokey for commands on my arcade. Like exiting and stuff like that.
  2. Both guns show either a red box or blue box. When I pull the trigger while aiming at the center of the screen the box does appear, but when moving around its not aligned. The cross hair icon is on the other side of the screen. I select default so the box and cross hair both align, but after calibrating by they both separate. At the top left its almost aligned, but everywhere else its off by a foot. The guns work for every other emulator I've tried. Mame, sega model 2 with no issues. If I could find a video on this calibration that would be great. If not I t
  3. Tried follow the directions above and the cross hairs will not align with the site of the gun. I go back and forth from default to center. I can move the cross hairs all over the screen, but it's just not aligned. Is there a video tutorial on this? I feel like this should be way easier than what it's doing for me. Lol
  4. Sorry for all the post. (Just trying to figure this out) So the reason I have a blue screen instead of a black screen is because I enabled "rawinput" If I take that command line out the service screen will look black with the correct config info, but that doesn't help because I need rawinput for both light guns to work. So I'm stuck on trying to find out how to config both light guns to aim correctly in rawinput. Has anyone set both guns up in launchbox correctly? And if so what does your supermodel.ini , Games.xml, and settings in launchbox look like? Sucks to
  5. I feel like I have a different rom from the one in this video. In this video it shows center,right,left, and bottom for calibrating the light guns. (Also the screen is black) Mine only shows center and default. (My screen is blue)
  6. So close guys! So I changed the InputAutoTrigger from a 0 to a 1 for both guns for the off screen reload. So no issues with off screen reload. Now my last issue is calibrating my guns. The service screen is kind of all over the place....not sure how to config the gun. The cross hairs will not center. (see screen shot) Any info on this setup would be great. Thanks again.
  7. Good advice. I've gone into the service menu once and its kind of a pain the the you know what. lol Ill look at it more today. I cant wait for the Sinden light guns. (Going to change the game) I normally point the gun off screen and press the trigger for reloads. Thank you all for the help so far.
  8. So from reading some information on supermodel3 forum I found out I had a corrupt config file. Now both guns show but off screen reload is not working. I'll keep messing around with the .ini file.
  9. So I understand putting the -input-system=rawinput into the Command line for the emulator, but for the command .\Supermodel.exe -input-system=rawinput -config-inputs 'E:\Sega Model 3\lostwsga.zip' , what is the location for this command? (I understand that my file path is different) The rest of the instructions I understand. Thank you
  10. I've tried setting the guns up with manually editing my .ini file and using the config tool for UI They both work as player one. (see ini info below) My light gun ID's are joy5 and joy6 ; Light guns (Lost World) InputGunLeft = "KEY_LEFT" ; digital, move gun left InputGunRight = "KEY_RIGHT" ; digital, move gun right InputGunUp = "KEY_UP" ; digital, move gun up InputGunDown = "KEY_DOWN" ; digital, move gun down InputGunX = "MOUSE_XAXIS,JOY5_XAXIS" ; analog, full X axis InputGunY = "MOUSE_YAXIS,JOY5_YAXIS"
  11. Hello, Thank you for the above advice. I've tried both methods of mapping the light guns. Still running into the issue of the second light gun showing as player one. Can anyone provide there .ini information for there light gun setup? I'm thinking it might be an issue with the gun's ID. When I set my guns up in the aint track configuration tool I have one set as 5 and the other 6. (Not sure if that interferes with this setup) Thank you
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