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  1. So are 9.x-10.x versions all the same performance wise then?
  2. So I want to use LB on a weak spec PC I have. Which 9.x-10.x version has the best performance both in the interface and while in emulation and takes the least amount of CPU cycles? Or are they all the same in that area?
  3. Thanks, I don't know how I missed it.
  4. Is there a repository for default box art images? I searched and couldn't find any but maybe I am missing it. Something like this picture, this would be in the place where no box art is found for a game:
  5. Ok thanks that does it, much better. I am not sure why the new one covers the box art, that is a bad idea, but at least it can be changed.
  6. Ok I had the bottom bar turned off. Also is there a way to have the text display UNDER the box art like it used to be? I am not sure why that is different now but it spoils the box art by covering the bottom of it. Before it was under it completely.
  7. So I upgraded and now there are no longer ROM names over each icon. Now I just get box art, that is it. This is a problem when there is no box art available or the art doesn't describe the name for some reason. Yes I know I can click on it to see the name but that is not a good solution having to select each one manually one by one to see the name, I want to see what each thing is without having to select every one. How do I get the name text back like before? I couldn't find any option.
  8. I made the mistake of renaming some Amiga disk images after they were imported before. They were too long to show in the combine box and/or had version numbers (Game V1.00) that threw off the parser. (I never do combine on import because about 20-30% of the games are imported as the wrong game) I need to combine manually. If I search the database without the version number it works better. I did a search for missing games and it removed the ones I renamed. Now I need to re-import just those. I don't know whe the search for added ROMs doesn't work as removing did work.
  9. I added some games to a folder where I already have some already there. I tried to do a "scan for added ROMs" but it said "no additional ROMs found to import". How can I just add the new games without undoing all of the combining, hiding etc. of the other games that I already did (as in not importing the whole thing again)? Also where does it save the information of which disks are hidden, combined etc? What happens if I import a game that is already there by mistake?
  10. So any game that has a version number in the name will not be recognized when importing. For example Amiga game: "Fly Harder v1.00". LB has no idea what to do with that until I manually edit out the v1.00. Is there a way to fix this? There are a LOT of these so doing this manually is not fun.
  11. So I have a bunch of games that are variations (Amiga, Emerald mines). They all are blank as they are "hacks" of the original with user created levels etc so the name no longer matches the base name. What I want to do is select a bunch then assign a certain image of my choice to all of those. If I multi select I get that wizard but there is no option to set box image. Right now I need to edit one by one and that will take a long time for these are there are a lot. Is there an easy way to do this?
  12. Well the names are the standard format you normally find. I don't do the combine on import as the parser is really off. I have games that it calls them nothing like they actually are so I don't trust it to do automatically. It seems if the name isn't in the database it just makes a wild guess based on one of the words in the title. I would get a lot of wrong and missing titles that way as it would combine two unrelated games into one.
  13. I am going through a rom set and combining games. There are a lot of multiple disk games. Every time I combine I get this nag box telling me I did what I just wanted. It isn't a big deal but having to click that every time is irritating. To me I think it would be better to nag me only if the combine was NOT successful. Is there a setting for this somewhere? Thanks.
  14. When trying to combine games if the names are long I can't see what disk number to make root. Is there a way to do this? Why can't I expand the box to see the full name? Should I just "hide" the other disks? Is there any downside to doing that?
  15. It will know which one to load when you do this such as know to select the game with (Disk 1 of 3) in the title?
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