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  1. I didn't uncheck they were not checked in the first place. LB can be a bit confusing at times. It works now though so that is what matters.
  2. I use the standalone Dolphin. I am not sure why Retroarch is checked, I didn't check that box and if GC is already associated with the standalone I am not sure why LB would check it on it's own instead of Dolphin that I associated with it. It does work if I uncheck it.
  3. So I tried to edit Genesis 32X to use Picodrive. I edit associated platforms, change Genesis 32X to Picodrive but when I try to continue it tells me it wants to update Gamecube. Gamecube?! I don't get it, so confusing. What am I doing wrong.
  4. Is there a way to have LB give some kind of stats of games imported vs files in the directory, then maybe naming the ones skipped so I could troubleshoot those? As it is now it does an import and I have no idea what is missing until I go to play it.
  5. Why would LB skip the one file but import the others? Those others with "bad names" show up. I thought LB was just supposed to import everything in the directory. If not there should be an option to. I have had LB skip a bunch of C-64 games because I suppose they weren't recognized. For example the c-64 game Alleykat will not import no matter what because it must think it is a bad name but in fact is a real game. There needs to be a way to import these otherwise the whole point of LB which is to launch games is rather limited to only what it recognizes. Also how do I know the right names that LB wants? I am not sure how to go about renaming everything. Then I get this below importing BIOS files as games. It ignores games but imports BIOS files? It seems LB is a bit wonky.
  6. It seems you missed the whole point. I wasn't asking about Sonic 4 which shows up. I was asking about Sonic 1 which shows in the import directory but does not show up in LB at all, it is completely skipped.
  7. For some reason some games just get ignored by LB. In this case Sonic the Hedgehog one on Genesis is just missing in imported games. I am confused. This is just an example, this happens in other systems too.
  8. I am running the latest version of LB. Will the one you linked to work with it? It says that version is out of date. Does that matter? Thanks.
  9. I am trying to install to an arcade PC that is offline. LB complains that it needs a ".net core". What version do I need and how to install? I searched but it gives me all kinds of SDK info and version numbers. Which one do I need and best place to get?
  10. Ok where are these base files located? Are they all in the LB directory or in various different places on the PC?
  11. I want to know if I can set up LB on my desktop and then move the launchbox folder to the offline arcade PC easily. Does LB "spray" misc files all over the installed PC directories hidden from me when I move the folder? Or are the files self contained in the LB folder?
  12. Do you know how to get it to work with LB? I tried that first (2003 plus in RA) and when I selected the game nothing happened. I assumed maybe it was because LB didn't like that old version. The games imported, box art loaded, but it doesn't seem to work. The category was arcade with retroarch as the emulator. I am guessing it isn't loading the right core but I don't know how to tell it to. I also then tried the MAME standalone for 2003 and had the same result, nothing loaded.
  13. So from what I heard MAME gets more and more resource hungry with every release. If I just want to run classic games (1990s and older) what is the best performing MAME version running on weak spec PCs such as AMD 6800H and other SOC used in handhelds like ROG Ally, Steam Deck, GPD Win etc? If I go too old I miss out on features, too new and it is too laggy. Any recommendations?
  14. You really can't easily. The only way to do it is open the case and solder two wires to the spot where the switch is. Then run two the wires out of the case.
  15. I set LB up and imported arcade games for MAME then set emulator to retroarch but when I select game in LB nothing happens. No loading, no errors, nothing. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to tell LB to load a certain core and if so how do I do it?
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