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  1. Ok that also worked for Sega 32x ROMs I had that didn't work when I changed ROM path. That seems like a bug, if I change the ROM path and didn't rename anything or change directory structure (other than different place) I would think it would work. At least there is a work around.
  2. DaveC1964

    Missing box art

    Ok that is odd though because I have new ROMsets for FBA Neo Geo as an example. This was supposed to be the latest but I guess the names are wrong? For example Samurai Shodown is "Samsho.zip" I thought it was like that since forever. What should this be as it didn't find art for it and I had to do manually?
  3. Every time I start a Neo Geo game using Retroarch FBA with uniBIOS it starts as a default of Europe/MVS. I know I can change it by messing with the menu by hittiing a button combo but is there a BIOS version that automatically starts in US/AES so I don't need to mess with the settings for every game?
  4. DaveC1964

    Missing box art

    I did the import data thing and it finds some images but many are missing. If I edit the game with the missing art then do "search for metadata" it finds art for the game. Is this normal? Is there a way to do all at once (I tried it in tools menu but it didn't work).
  5. No one has any idea? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  6. So I assembled a working setup on one PC, then moved the setup to another (desktop then laptop). The ROMs are in a different spot on the laptop. So I did the whole select all then change the ROMpath thing. It gives me some error about no roms were found do you want to change path anyway. Ok but they don't work, I get the ROm doesn't exist message. So I decide to import using the importer, I go through the whole thing it parses them and then I do the import. It says "7 games imported" 7? I have 30 in this case. So I try loading the games some work, others give the "..doesn't exist" error. So if I edit the game that doesn't load and browse then pick the ROM manually it then will work. So if I edit one by one they work (will be a horrible job when I do that with 300 games). I don't understand why the change path isn't doing it, and the importer isn't doing it (even though games show up there) but manually editing the path for each one works. I also notice that when I edit the game the name in the "ROM file" box is wrong, for example it shows "doom.32x" instead of what it actually is "doom (32x)(JU)[!].32x" etc. It didn't import with the right name. I am confused. Also had similar weirdness with CD games. I have the CD games for example in a folder called "Sega CD" then under that a game named sub folder with the bin cue files in it. If I use the importer and select the .CUE files it doesn't work. I need to edit and select each CUE file one by one. I was thinking the subdirectory was confusing it but if I import and it is finding the cue files I would think it should work.
  7. So how would I know what works with the version of FBA that RA is using and how to match up the ROMs with that version?
  8. So I am trying to set up NeoGeo in LB. I am using the FBA Neo cores in retroarch (tried a few of the variations) . Some games work fine, some don't even load. For example Pulstar won't load. I try the same exact ROM in MAME and it works fine. I am confused, why are some games working but others not even if the ROM is good? What should I try?
  9. Ok so I have to use the delete key instead of selecting the files I want. That seems like an odd way of doing it, deleting the files I don't want rather than picking the ones I do. To me "deleting" means getting rid of the file but I suppose in this case it just removes from the list. Not the most intuitive but It works.
  10. So I did the import thing for Sega CD games. It gets to the part with the game list. So I highlight just the cue files and import. Ok, but for some reason it is showing every single track in the interface (track 1.bin etc) as if it was a separate game. What a mess! What am I doing wrong?
  11. I don't like waiting for a UI to load just to load one game. 20 seconds is too long when I can get there in 5. It is also less steps. If I do it the standard way I hit LB from the desktop, then when it loads I need to scroll through system names, select one, wait again for the thumbnails to load. With multiple instances I have each one on the desktop. So I just select SNES for example and it pops up with all of my SNES thumbnails right away. It is just quicker and less steps all around. As for games I have a 512gb micro SD with everything on there.
  12. Where is it getting it from? I am sure there are lots of things I could get rid of if only running a Genesis emulator in that instance for example. All of that stuff adds up when it is x10.
  13. I am making separate instances of LB on a low spec PC (GPD Win 2). I do this to dramatically reduce startup times. Since I already have a GUI to pick the system I want as in the Windows desktop I find it much quicker if for example I just want to play a SNES game to load the SNES only LB setup icon from the desktop. It then loads the appropriate LB setup and loads resources quickly, no need to load resources from 20,000 games I won't be playing. It also cuts out the extra step. It works fine with one obvious issue, disk space. A LB install is HUGE at around 3gb each. 10 setups eats up 30 gb of disk space. You can see this can get impractical. I have noticed there are a lot of things I will never use in a SNES specific setup for example such as dosbox, scumm vm etc. I tried to just delete the files but LB would have none of it. Every time I start LB all of the "bloat" was magically stuck back in there. My internet is slow so I have no idea where it was grabbing that stuff from. Is there a way I can force LB to let me do what I want to do and make a minimum install? Is there some setting or trick or a place that hides these files so I can do this? Thanks.
  14. I can't get CD games to load at all. Regular chip games work fine. Yes I have the bios in the right place and if I load directly in retroarch they load fine. In LB I click on the game and it does nothing. I edited the emulation path to point to RA, Maybe it is not selecting the right RA core? I don't know how to set actual cores as there are a couple of PC engine cores in RA, maybe one of them has no CD support and it is picking that one? I can select retroarch but LB doesn't let me pick what core to use in RA that I can find. I imported the .cue files.
  15. I am trying to use LB with retroarch mame 2003+ First you may ask why RA mame, because I have the 2003 set and I want to use 2003 instead of the latest as it is running on a low spec PC. So I imported ROMs fine but when I select a game nothing happens. No error, no screen flash, nothing. I tried running through RA itself and it is fine. I also can't find the RA mame cores to select at all (RA MAME has a few different cores for MAME). If I go to "associated platforms" no MAME core is even listed there. I can get regular consoles working just not this.
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