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  1. So I imported a ROMset for the Atari 800. Something is off. The games are called out wrong, have the wrong box art, are for the wrong system etc. Is there any idea as to what is wrong and how to fix? This example is calling Wall, The as Wall-E.
  2. So you do the whole download metadata thing. For many games (MAME) there are multiple images sometimes. The default one it picks (screenshot or arcade cab etc) can be kind of lame. If I go to edit game and go through the images sometimes I find a good one. Can I just select the one with the arrow then do a "use this image" somehow? I edit game, then select the image, then exit thinking the one I selected would stick but it doesn't. Now I know I could go through the folders and try to figure out which one it is by knowing if it is Japan, Europe, North America etc then find the name, then delete all of the ones I don't want but that would take forever. Is there a way to delete the images you don't want (if setting the image manually is not possible) while editing game by scrolling through and doing something to delete the unwanted images right there?
  3. Well one of the devices I run on is a GPD Win 2 because I like to have some portable gaming. The SSD in that is probably the cheapest crap they could find. I highly doubt it is anywhere near as robust as the Sammy ones like you have. If it had those in it I wouldn't worry. Also if an Android version was done as was talked about I would be concerned about those too. There are many tablets, phones, etc that have an even worse flash memory drive in them and could get corrupted even easier.
  4. I have been using it a lot too and nothing popped up for weeks. Just today it acted up when I wanted to download images since a lot were missing. This is why I posted about it because it hasn't done this until now. I noticed the "encrypted files" are all LB stuff so I am assuming LB was backing up and encrypting old files and that freaked out bitdefender. I just wanted to make sure. Sites get hacked all of the time and just because I got LB from here doesn't always mean it wasn't a hacked file. I for sure didn't buy any preloaded anything online. I have it set up that way because I am setting up LB on this PC but will be moved to the emulation one. LB is in the "odd" place because of that,
  5. Preloaded drive? I don't know what that is even. I originally downloaded the free version from here. Then I used it and set things up for awhile to make sure it worked. It auto updated which I assume when it did it got it from this site. I then went and bought the paid version as shown in the attached image above. I then put the license file in the LB dir as instructed.
  6. Ok I just wanted to be sure. I am surprised I am the only one having this pop up though.
  7. It installed the update automatically when I launched LB and yes the original was downloaded from here and I bought it, nothing dodgy.
  8. So I load LB try to update metadata and download missing images. Bitdefender pops up with a warning that LB may be ransomware. Is this an issue or is it a false positive and nothing to worry about? Anyone else have this issue? I am guessing LB is backing up and compressing files which may mimic ransomware but just want to make sure, kind of a scary message.
  9. Failures yes, corruption or write cycles no. If you have an issue on a mechanical drive while writing the head is just in that one spot so that file is corrupted. You can usually then just run some kind of disk check thing to repair. SSDs the way they work is different and when writing they scatter to different cells all over (write leveling) . If something goes wrong it can corrupt more or all of the drive. It is just the way they work.
  10. It depends on which drive the LB setup is on. Still I don't know why LB needs to write stuff to the drive when I am just loading a game. I can see at first when it is generating the image cache etc. It would be nice to be able to disable the silly writes that don't mean anything or aren't needed like the date I played a game or how many times, I mean who cares? I would rather have my drive last longer and/or minimize the chance of getting corrupted.
  11. More processes starting up will take more resources and more time to load, it has to. Maybe some people do have early SSDs or older HDDs who knows who has what hardware. All SSDs are more sensitive to errors, a bad error can take down a whole drive, which is more likely if it is constantly writing. What are some of the good lightweight ones? Any suggestions?
  12. Yes but some computers use SSDs which are more sensitive to writing. Corruption can occur when writing all of the time even if you don't run out of write cycles. With SSDs it can be catastrophic when there is an error and it can nuke your whole drive. Conventional HDDs are more rubust as usually only a file will be bad. Having to re-do your whole system just to have frivolous things is not worth it to me. Also not everyone is using all of the features like videos etc. Some use the front end just as a front end, just to load games quickly. I can see using all of that stuff if you like that but it should also be flexible enough to do what the user wants. Some love all of the flash and fluff, some don't care about it. That is why I just suggest an option to disable all of that stuff if you want to save your SSD etc.
  13. Honestly I hope feature bloat isn't going to balloon install sizes and impact performance of the emulated games. What good will this kitchen sink front end be if games start to run poorly and the front end takes a long time to start? Not everyone is running LB on Core i9-9900K s with twin Titan GPUs and 64 GB of RAM. Some use retired PCs that are of lower spec to be used just for emulators. Also all of the increased disk use will kill people's SSDs. I thought the original vision was to quickly load games as easy as possible? If featuritis sets in we may lose that. If this is the direction it is going to go I may have made a mistake in buying the lifetime paid version. I may suggest that if this gets out of control maybe a "lite" version would be a good idea for those that just want to use it to load games quickly and don't need to stream to social media, record your games, write constant stats to your drive, capture screens, critique your playing, phone your mom and do the dishes all at the same time.
  14. Hopefully something like that could be added. Some kind of option in the settings to "disable disk writing" or something like that. Once enabled a disclaimer could come up such as "disabling writes will disable game play date and count" or something like that. I have doubts as to the reliability of large capacity micro SD cards if you constantly are writing to them, I would hate to have to keep buying new ones for silly things like play counts/date. Does anyone really care about that I wonder?
  15. So I wanted to have an SD card/thumbdrive/SSD with LB and my ROMs stored on it. I would need probably .5 up to1 TB. I notice LB does a lot of writing to cards for things like number of times a game is played etc. I don't care about that stuff, at all. As you know flash memory has limited write cycles and I don't want to burn it with useless stuff (to me). Yes I know someone is going to tell me how many times it can be done due to write leveling but if a card is full that doesn't work anymore. Also every time you write to one of these devices there is a risk of corrupting the card. Anything can happen such as power outage, bugs in the software or OS etc. The risk may be rather small but I would like it to be zero (I actually have had cards go bad during a write, not LB caused though). Is there a way to shut off functions that automatically write stuff to the card?
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