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  1. i gotcha, interesting.... thanks guys. what was the bug issue in 9.6?
  2. I think i got it fixed, I did the 9.7 and once i deleted that update file for 9.6 it works. What was the deal?
  3. It's been working fine, fired it up and it wont launch. So I went to update folder 9.6 and this is the error it gives me. I went to website to download version and it says its 9.7 but nothing on the forum or the site mentions 9.7 version. What the heck is going on and what should I do
  4. Made it more comfortable to hold!!! Took a switch controller holder and dremeled it apart and used adhesive lol simple and cheap
  5. No i havent tried any touch screen games yet, but I should give that a go today. Here is newest, breath of the wild wouldn't run of course but this ran decently
  6. I will definitely try to post a video over the weekend and post it up here for you guys to watch showing both devices running
  7. Ok so I changed it up! I stuck a 400gb micro card and 256gb Samsung flash drive in the GPD win 2, Then I put the WD 2tb on the surface pro 4, much better set up all around on both devices!
  8. No not really, I run dreamcast and Saturn just fine, and gamecube is hit and miss
  9. Finally somewhat finished my big box portable with GPD Win2. With a 2TB my passport velcroed to it lol
  10. I am currently trying to back it up now, but the drive is brand new which is frustrating as all heck.
  11. So I turned everything on this morning and it's all working fine. Not sure what to think about that .... man computers are such a picky breed. I will keep an eye on it today and keep you all posted. Cheers
  12. Let me give that a try whenever I get to the office this morning thank you so much for the reply. Because it's so weird it was working perfectly fine the night before but after I plugged it in to a different laptop to try it out and him plugged it back in to the original computer that's when this started
  13. Ok I am not trying to be rude in any way shape or form. But seriously, 40 something views and no one has a solution or a suggestion to this issue. I have lurked in this forum for a long time before purchasing a lifetime license . I was so impressed with the community and how everyone helped and had solutions or at least an opinion. I am surely not the only one to have had this issue....
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