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  1. Hi all, was not sure where to post this and figure this was the best place. Rolling out the new product Gamer-Pro. The Gamer-Pro is a single player version of the ever growing 4-play adapter. The device is %100 the same but designed to be more compact. If you are unfamiliar with Bliss-Box it is a all in one retro game controller adapter. You can contact us and get more info via the links below. https://bliss-box.net https://www.facebook.com/blissboxadapter/ https://twitter.com/blissboxadapter
  2. That helps thx! You are right about it not needung most of that then. So the best you could get out of this is what controller is plugged in or setting up the mapping per emulator. These can both be done via bat commands already, so ya, there is nothing LunchBox could offer there. Some things I have seen launchers do is, on n64 insert the n64 menu comes up. OR on game launch, use this mapping (via bat file). Thx for the comments.
  3. Hey all, lots of familiar names out there (@garbanzo @Dane @damageinc86 @harryoke @mothergoose729 @ninja2bceen @heelsinc @ALIE @mlsaunders1985 @Nabizzles @syntax_X @wolfcrouser @alpenjodler @Aevans0001 @CoinTos). This is not a spam / promotional thread, nor is it really a question thread. I find sometimes people like to here it from the author. So this is more of a Hi all, I'm the Bliss-Box Guy. The main reason I signed up was because I see over %15 of the my customer base on here 0_0... A few questions unanswered and lots of talk in general. The second reason is, maybe LaunchBox wants to up the game? As most of you Bliss-Boxers know, there is an API in in the Bliss-Box. Many projects use this to gain access to peripherals and Bliss-Box data. For example RetroArch does that. You just plug in the Bliss-Box and RA known what you plugged in down to the type and version of the controller (i.e NES light gun, staturn 3d controller). This API is accessible to HIDAPI or LIBUSB and easy to work with. So if any of the devs on the LaunchBox scene want to jump on board just give me a shout. The mini doc on that API is at api.bliss-box.net. What would the API do? Talk to controller directly tunneling thru USB Talk to peripherals like mem cards and LCD screens. Get info form the Bliss-Box devies Save setting to the Bliss-Box like alternative mappings. I won't link to any info Bliss-Box related as that is not what this is about. So if there is anything you guys think I should add in this OP let me know! Also feel free to move this post to where it fits best. With that said, I'll try to hangout and answer what I can..... no, our adapters do not have gremlins
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