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  1. Hi Nope this is a dedicated retro / gaming machine nothing installed bar LB Kodi and steam and of course graphics drivers etc. All other programs and default windows junk inc onedrive is removed.
  2. Sorted it by replacing each platform XML file, them had to rescan roms to remove the ones now pointing to the incorrect location and then rescan the roms again. Just not sure why it decides one day to error out after it works fine for a while
  3. This is the 2nd time in a year i have faced an issue which makes no sense. Updated about a month ago and all was fine, opened bigbox several times no issue. Howeverit's been a few weeks and i fancied some gaming. Opened both bigbox and launchbox and it errors out on every file in the data folder (xml), some are not present in the backup folder like input bindings. I presume the only option is to delete the whole setup and start again? No msi afterburner present here
  4. First off great work you are doing, i did purchase the android app but had to refund it because i did not realise that if the roms are stored on my synology Nas The desktop program (latest) only exports the images not the roms. I will manually copy the roms over to the phone now and just use retroarch for now, as i see there is no option in LB Android to point to the manually copied folders. But will deffo buy when its more fleshed out as i do love me some LB and BB
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