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  1. It sucks cause its such a waste of space. I had gotten roms from a friend and had more games than this. Im more annoyed that marvel v capcom games arent working.
  2. Ok current situation is this. I downloaded a 95gb 2016 romset. I thought it said the bios were in there as well but I am finding out that is not true. Only 3K games actually work in launchbox at the moment. I assume I have to find the bios now and download them and hopefully more games will work. I hope this doesnt mean that I have to redownload all my mame games again into Launchbox cause that took 10 hours to complete and I only have 3k games. So Im a little annoyed by that. The other thing that I am having issues with now is my Xarcade Tankstick. The trackball and red coin light are not working in Launchbox even though they work on outside of it. I have paid for Bigbox and that is not working perfectly with my tankstick. I think it maybe a firmware issue so I need to check that out. To sum up. Tankstick trackball and red button dont work in Launchbox 95GB romset only gave me 3k working games I do not have the bios for all of machines. Ill need to download those.
  3. I updated mame and just uploaded my roms. I didnt do anything to them. How do i uodate then or do they just not waw ork now?
  4. I assume I can just google Neo Geo zip correct?
  5. Im not sure how i got them to work the first time. They just did. However this time i added there directory location in mame and its pointing to the files but still says it doesnt work for this system. Even though the zip files work when i play them in neogeorage emulator.
  6. I have just updated to 210 and for the most part my MAME roms are running just fine in fact I think some others are working that were not. But before the update I somehow had my NEO GEO games working in MAME and now they are not. Do I need to have or update the bios? If so how do I do that?
  7. I have that board you mentioned. Ill have to install that. Hopefully that will do the job thanks!
  8. Ok so I just added all the N64 games and they are on Launchbox and load up. However my button mapping for 2 players are a mess. I did the buttons in retroarch. Because it sees the Tankstick as a keyboard some of the buttons are the same for Joy2 as they are for Joy2. In mame you can add a tankstick config file and mame sees the buttons as xarcade commands and not keyboard commands. So this is why my navigation buttons in Big Box are all messed up. In Launchbox under options > input > Gampad/joystick there is a DEVICE field that I would assume is where I can add some sort of config file for the xarcade joystick. Does that sound right? If so where do I get that file from and how do I install it.
  9. I just downloaded all the cores that were on retroarch through Launchbox. Currently the N64 games I have are now uploading to Launchbox. It will take about an hour I have 7gbs of games. Once those are done hopefully the mapping I did in Retroarch will work for the N64 games. Thank you guys for reaching out and helping. This has been a frustrating patch to get my arcade going. I have found so far Launchbox to be the easiest to set up. I was using emulationstation on raspberry pi 3 but was having other issues so now I am using my old PC and using Launchbox. I have already noticed the quality in N64 games since the change. So has my son. HAHA
  10. Well I just deleted what I had and Im starting over. So hopefully it was just my fault
  11. I did that but it still wont see 2nd player on any of the other systems. Mame is fine because I can map those buttons directly. Right now I am in the process of reuploading all the other game systems using Launchbox video tutorials.
  12. I have the Xarcade tank stick. It works with Mame games but I cant get any other console to work properly. I also have trouble with general navigation in Launchbox with the tankstick. Is there anyway to fix this?
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