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  1. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try so I tried it all ways I could just to be thorough. all get to the same spot or just not even starting to initialize. In this situation... if I were to copy to another drive for giggles. What files are needed so all my stuff like playlists, rompaths, all the stuff I manually did in emulator set up carries over?
  2. Now, when I don't it stops after initializing for a second. Gets about an 8th through the bar. the closes and disappears from taskmanager. Just tried it as admin and it does the same thing. Starts to initialize then doesn't. gets there then stops. it also does it after updating to 10.6
  3. I just got this error when I tried to roll back to 9.8 and start it up.
  4. Hey everyone! I need some help. I have had Launchbox on a portable hard drive since march and it was working great! Then one day it stopped working like it would act like it's starting in process manager then just disappear. So I left it for a while frustrated. Didn't want to have to redo EVERYTHING I had everything from NES to Dreamcast all setup nice and how I wanted. Then today I thought I'll give it another go and same thing so I tried updating from the backup folder and this time it would start initializing then crash and disappear. So I poked around on google and here and deleted th
  5. Yeah I have it sorted per platform right now but how do I make my own subcategories and have it grab roms from a different folders for each category?
  6. Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a way to do a custom sidebar and have those separate from each other for example. SNES. I would like to have US Roms and Translated Roms separate. Is there anyway to put like subcategories under each system and have them grab the roms from a different folder than the others?
  7. Hey all! I'm absolutely loving this thing but am having an issue getting PPSSPP added into my launchbox. when I go to the add emulator screen it isn't in the "Emulator name" drop down When I try to add it manually I get I am running launchbox 9.5 if that helps. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Also....Is there a way to add emulators manually instead of going through the wizard? .
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