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  1. Thank you for your help! Also I thought I was using Visual Boy Advance but I must've switched it to Retroarch at some point. Thank you for the help. Greatly appreciated. Now I can continue setting up my Living room/couch gaming PC
  2. Ohh okay I see. Thank you. I was testing on VBAM and IIRC it isn't setup for that atm. Unless it is supposed to support it out of the box. Because I didn't change much of anything since I installed it.
  3. It's a wired XBOX 360 controller that I purchased awhile back. It is the controller selected in launchbox and bigbox although launchbox keeps reverting my settings to the default. BigBox doesn't do this, however it doesn't respond when I try to use the buttons I have setup for automation. I am trying to setup the exit active window one and it doesn't do anything in BigBox. The buttons I am trying to use are Select (hold) and Start (press). Here are the screenshots of the screens. (I had to enable controller in LaunchBox again since it won't save my settings) LaunchBox doesn't even register my inputs (like there is no controller attached, but BIgBox doesn't have that issue.)
  4. This is an issue I have been researching for awhile now, but still have yet to find an answer. When I try to setup the controller automation in LaunchBox, I press a button, and nothing happens. This controller has no problems controlling emulators, or navigating the menus in BigBox, but whenever I try to setup automation in either one, it just simply will NOT work. In LaunchBox, I can't even setup automation, it acts as if I didn't even press a button (Says "Press a Button") and whenever I exit the options menu it reverts back to the point of having to enable the controller again. While in BigBox I CAN set the buttons up, but they simply do not work once I have done so. BigBox recognizes the inputs atleast, but doesn't seem to do anything when I press the buttons the way I set them up. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
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