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  1. Does the CHD have everything? If I import the CHD set do I even need to mess with the other two? Or do I still need to add one of the split/merged Roms in addition to the CHDs?
  2. Hello, I have the following- MAME .228 CHD's (approx 2.3 TB) Mame .228 BIOS , and then Mame .228 Split and Mame .228 Merged. I have had supposed full sets of Mame before, but never had any luck with CHD's being missing. I know I wouldn't use both the merged and the split. Which one is better for Launchbox import? And then my main question is : Do combine the CHD, bios, and then whichever split/merged I end up choosing all in one folder before Importing or is there something else I need to do so they all work? Thank you in advance for any hel
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