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  1. The Wall!

    Good Day,
    This theme started out as just an update for my Surf Vision! theme to add an outline to the wall views. As I started playing around with templates in the CTC, I realized that it was becoming a lot of work creating separate theme views for multiple platforms that required each one to be updated separately. As I was working on that, I just started putting together templates and **BOOM** The Wall! was born.
    This does require the latest stable BigBox version 13.1. The majority of elements in this theme are generated on the fly from YOUR artwork. You MUST have the below art as a minimum in your Launchbox images and videos folders and metadata updated.
    Launchbox/Images/Platforms - Clear Logo, Device, Fan Art, Default Art
    Launchbox/Images/<platform name> - Clear Logo, Box Front, Cart Front, Fan Art (or Screen Shots/Ad Flyer)
    Launchbox/Videos/Platforms - <platform videos> 
    I am running a Ryzen 3600, 1660 Super, 16GB with Launchbox installed on two 8TB spinners with a NVME boot drive. I am seeing some lag, especially when first loading Wall View 1 and 2. You will probably get a black screen while the view caches. Usually, this only happens the first viewing, but I've seen it take up to 20 seconds to render the view even after that. I'm not sure why it does this but open to suggestions to fix. If your system is less powerful than this, I would suggest not using this theme, but try it out anyhoo!
    I use Platform View 1, Wall View 4 with Game Details turned on for the most part, but there are multiple views to try out!
    I didn't bind any elements to the BigBox options menu, so I don't think much can be controlled visually from there. The game count does not work on playlists for some reason.
    Hope you enjoy and please let me know of any bugs or other suggestions. I don't plan on changing the format very much and may come out with small updates.
    Thank You!


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  2. Surf Vision!

    Good Day,
    Sharing with the community another theme that I created. 
    You will need a good set of game artwork for it to look it's best. I have included my platform image folder in a zip file that you can use to make sure everything looks right. I don't have every platform known to man, so the image selections may limited for hoarders but it is a start. I use the Unified Platform videos from EmuMovies.
    Most views include the new 3D box models.
    You can expect a small update once the next version of CTC is released for some of the wall views. They can be extremely time consuming with how they are currently created.
    Please let me know if you come across any issues or broken items.
    This has only been tested in 16:9 aspect in 4K using Big Box 13.0 and may not work with older versions.
    Hope you enjoy!


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  3. Vertical Vision!

    Just wanted to share this vertical theme that I created for my cabinet. 
    There weren't a lot of vertical themes available and I have been messing around with this one for over a year now.
    Quality artwork is a must. Some views have the new 3D box but the resolution is a bit lower than the regular art so play around with the different views. 
    I don't plan on changing anything but will update the file if I do! I haven't come across any issues, but if you find a bug or something not working right, please let me know. 
    *** This theme is only for 9:16 vertically oriented monitors. ***
    Hope you enjoy!


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  4. Surf Vision

    Just a simple theme created with the Community Theme Creator to share. This does require a lot of artwork that is not included and should already be downloaded to look its best. I don't plan to make any changes or additions. Hope you enjoy!


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