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  1. Will have a look i think iv done this before but still the same
  2. This might be a old thread but im having another trouble with fba all my games work with in final burn alpha 64 but when in launchbox says rom not supported any help thank you
  3. Hi there everyone i am having trouble with using final burn alpha 64. The games run in the emulator it self but launchbox wont load the game. Keeps saying the rom is not supported but it works. I am using stand alone emulator not retroarch because it didnt worj for me at all. Also when i exit a game in final burn alpha it just makes the game go to small window. How do i get passed that as well many thanx need help
  4. Just a suggestion was thinking it will be cool if music box alpha was able to be scraped into big box unless you a doing a separate big box type of thing for that so we can scrape music videos make like a jukebox
  5. Hey neil i fixed my issue i whent into where you add the theme and i added those wheels and text and its what i want thanx but im still having a issue with the startup video i want to put my own video in but i did there is no place to change how long video plays like in the old setup
  6. Hi there neil sorry it doesnt change for me i cant get the wheel im looking for like in the youtube video and just shows screen shot of game no video
  7. These are my settings in bigbox see where you choose the game is different and also where i have Playstation one and Playstation 2 the letters are big
  8. Ok will tonight i am at work currently will show i dont think i have a folder called startup willl have a look thanx
  9. Hi all just wanted to know i finally got the items and themes working how i want them to but the hyperspin theme unified when i enter a platform my game list is different it doesn't have another wheel its just got boxes with the name of the game doesnt show the image like on the YouTube video with the box and the vid and im also having trouble i cant get a startup video working i named it startup and out it in the videos folder but doesnt work thanx
  10. Thanks so much thats what i like about the launchbox community always able to help
  11. Hi there critical i love your theme although i cant seem to find video and artwork to download from the forum is there a link i can maybe get to the files im not pc friendly the theme loads on my pc but no video or pictures show up i know i have to add them but i dont know what to download thanx
  12. What rom set are you using maybe thats my problem? If not i can always stick to console ports
  13. So do i need to import as fba then use that core cause im still having trouble lol
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