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  1. jeffza1987


    Ok thanx maybe i just forgot about that
  2. jeffza1987


    Hi there i would like to know if its possible to add a update button into the tools menu when a update is i think it will help alot of people or how long does it take to roll out a update after showing it on youtube i thi k it will help because the auto update does not work
  3. Thank you for the help
  4. Ok thanx and 1 more thing how do you make all the wheels spin if you not playing if its on a platform or choosing a game thanx for the reply
  5. Hi there just another small problem not really a problem how do you get videos in bigbox to display the game instead of a game image thanx using unified theme
  6. I have managed to fix the problem it was so simple yet stupid of me to do where the manage emulators i stupidly selected the dont use quotes and the others so i unchecked them and they work again thanx for the help though
  7. Yes it is but wont load i can also in the nes side i can go to launch with section now because of that but it still wont load automatically into the game via retroarch
  8. I did what you said still does not load
  9. Hi retroarch did load in launchbox before update 10.11 after updating it doesnt load but games will load in retroarch its self heres a video and pictures of my setup i cant click on launch with as shown it doesnt highlight but does on others all other platforms run perfectly well just those connected with launchbox thanx VID_20200414_074937.mp4
  10. Hi after updating my launchbox i seem to have lost games and artwork and iv tried importing my ps1 games again and it says no games found even though i have imported them before in the same way and also retroarch only shows 1 core downloaded for ps1 but i have 2 downloaded and i cant select it thanx
  11. jeffza1987


    Ok thanx will try when i get home thanx for the help will let you know whats happening and take some pictures
  12. jeffza1987


    Im using i think its is a very old 0.144 set and mame64 because if i use the new mame it goes into small tiny writing when i import a game and cant read anything
  13. jeffza1987


    I have only updated launchbox with the recent 10.6 update but havent updated mame or anything like that
  14. jeffza1987


    Hi there i am using mame neogeo games work perfectly fine light gun games work perfectly fine just that the other games now tell me i need chd files to run yet they ran before so not sute what im doing wrong thanx
  15. jeffza1987


    It was just a thought but yeah will have to do them separately thanx
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