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  1. Hi there guys me again with another small issue im using the unified theme and the bug pictures and videos dont show up on the main screen how do i fix or do i need a stronger pc to run the higher rate themes thanx happy easter all...
  2. I changed it and it works thanx very much guys i appreciate the help my other 1 issue is in nes im using nesyopia emulator in retroarch but it wont stay in full screen mode how to fix must it be done in retroarch and also do my controller settings need to be mapped in retrarch thanx for the big help
  3. There is some pictures im running through retroarch but when i try through launchbox it says loading then cuts out i hope the picture is clear
  4. The emulator im using is arcade(FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo) sorry im new to all of this
  5. Sorry my mistake in typing im using the neogeo emulator in retroarch my mistake i apologize
  6. Im using the emulator in launchbox for neogeo and games run there just not in launchbox thanx,
  7. Hi there im new to launchbox i followed eta primes very first video on loading neogeo on launchbox now the games are loaded i followed everything except the fact im running the games from a external usb drive and i followed the video exactly what can i do o and i also cant get final burn alpha or mame to run properly not even out of launchbox plz help im running on a lenovo laptop amd A10-7300 Radeon R6, 10 compute cores 4c+6g 1,9ghz 46bit operating system thanx any help plz
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