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  1. Hello I'm having a weird problem I'm using ps1 emulator in retroarch I went into graphics settings and changed it now when I click on a game it pops up but dosent load. I have bios in folder. I also cant get back into options to change it back when I do it says no content. You have to load a game to get into it to change it. Need help thanks
  2. It's weird when I press f1 and go to shaders and set it it wont apply it just errors and dosent save or preset.
  3. I got it figured out thank you
  4. Devilstompa

    Game Graphics

    Hello I am wondering how to get better game graphics mine have crazy pixals. Is there any way to make it look better thanks
  5. Hello I setup retroarch and launchbox. I put my retroarch exe as emulator but the games arnt playing. I downloaded and updated cores in retroarch. Need help thanks
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