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  1. I made yesterday morning the subscription to emumovies and sync and ftp worked in one minute....but no video item on launchbox.... tried all the evening.... today afternoon I tried another time and magically they appear.... so it's only question of one day to activate....ALL OK!! thank you very much Neil9000
  2. Hi, like I said in title I can't see the item relative to videosnap... just like before become supporter of emumovies...what could I do? I re-login to emumovies from Launchbox options but always the same... I can reach FTP of Emumovies and sync works..... Some ideas?? Thank you all!!
  3. I am a "monthly supporter subscriber" (20€) but I DON'T SEE VIDEO IN LAUNCHBOX??? Do i need an account more elevated?? tnx
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