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  1. I understand that usually when I do either nothing happens or I get the running out of space error
  2. First, off I'm a NOOB when it comes to lunchbox so bear with me, I've been trying to run my massive collection from my pc 8TB with launch box. I have the roms on a sperate drive from the rest. However, for some reason or another, I keep running out of space. I have no idea why there is plenty of space in my other drives to run launch box and I installed it in an empty drive. AM I better off trying do this from the cloud? Is there an easier way to do this? Also when I click on a rom nothing happens. is it because I do not have retroarch installed either? IM not a fan of retro arch are there other options? Can someone please help I'm beyond frustrated and just ready to sell my pc and buy systems and games. Thank you for the help in advance. WOuld a fresh install and keeping my roms where they are instead of copying work? Also when I did that it was as if I had no roms can you please help.
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