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  1. Thanks for your time to help. I've worked out that the issue has arisen from me searching for Outrun and not Out Run, Today I learnt the game is spelt with two words and not one.
  2. I've imported arcade ROMs, but I noticed that Outrun is missing from LaunchBox. It's working in MAME 1.50 and shows when LaunchBox parses the files before importing. Any ideas how to get Outrun added to LaunchBox?
  3. Found a fix. The issue seemed to lay with Game Boy Color platform xml file. The quickest way to deal with it was to delete the xml file and import the roms into launchbox again. So go to LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\ Find the .xml files that are causing issues for. I was having problems with Game Boy Color, so I deleted these xml files and then imported all the rom files again via the tools menu in Launchbox.
  4. I've tried multiple other Cores, but it's still refusing to launch retroarch. Also, any system that's working, shows "Launch With' and the associated Core. Even if there's only one emulator or Core. As per my last post, I've setup a new installation of LaunchBox, using the same settings, but 'Launch With' is available. See picture in my last post. So the problem isn't how I'm setting it up, but possibly a corrupt file somewhere. An ideas?
  5. So to check if the problem is with my current setup, I've just installed a new copy of LaunchBox on my computer. So currently I now have LaunchBox installed twice. I've added Retroarch and associated the same core in the new installation of LaunchBox. And it's working fine. So it appears my old installation has an issue and can't launch Retroarch, even though it's working fine with the new version. So my options are to either start again, and add all my systems to the new installation of LaunchBox, or fix the current installation. If anyone can suggest a way to fix the the problem, I'd much prefer that, as it takes ages to add each system. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. That worked for the Gameboy, but I'm still having the same issue with the Gameboy Color. 'Launch With' is still grayed out. I did notice that there's two file names under 'Launch With' that doesn't appear on other systems. In the above picture, you can see the game ' 720 Degrees' appears twice, even though there is only one ROM file. Checking the Core, appears to be correct. In LaunchBox And the Core in Retroarch. So any ideas how to get 'Launch With' working again? Thanks
  7. My Gameboy and Gameboy Colour games won't launch Retroarch. I noticed that 'Launch With' option is grayed out when I right click on any Gameboy game. For other systems such as the Nintendo DS, 'Launch With' still works. When you select 'Launch With' , it shows Retroarch and the associated Core. Here you can see the gearboy Core is associated with the Gameboy color, and when launching Gameboy color games within Retroarch, they work as expected. So would anyone know how to get 'Launch With' to become active for the Gameboy?
  8. I'm not sure if this is related, but just to add to the above issue, in LaunchBox, when I click on platform on the left of the screen, Computer, Console and Handheld take a few seconds to display. Arcade takes about 25 seconds. There are only 2,500 games in Arcade. Computer has 25,000 games and that takes about 5 seconds to display all games.
  9. In Big Box, if I look in Arcade at all the available games, it currently says "No games were found". However, on the wheel, I can see the recent games, it shows a total number of games at 2,500 and I can also launch the recent games. If I open LaunchBox I can see all my games. All other platforms are showing all games. How can I get the games to show in the list in Big Box for Arcade?
  10. I've got a similar problem. The clear logos and banners weren't showing for 4 platforms They were showing for all the rest. Looking in "\LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color\Banner" and "\Clear Logo" I can see they are empty. So I download images for the missing systems. Now the banners are showing in BigBox, but not the clear logos. If I look in Launchbox setting, I can see the Banner and Clear logos are showing for those systems. So the question is how can I get BigBox to show the clear logo?
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