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  1. So After Deleting the CefSharp folder and launching Launchbox 4 times, Its working without deleting the CefSharp folder. Im thinking there might have been some weird issue with my trusted installer rights screwing with the permissions and it took a bit for windows to update the owner of the dll's to my user account. Thanks for the help 😃
  2. Deleting CefSharp Works, Until Next launch (at which point Launchbox tries to read the ones from the folder and fails again). And ya the error is def weird I will give uninstalling and reinstalling visual C++ a try. Btw Thanks for the help 😃
  3. Ok thanks. I will try a few different things, to try and get it working in the meantime. If I figure out the cause I will let you guys know. Im joining the discord, If there's anything I can do to assist debugging let me know.
  4. Ok So After Importing my steam Games it immediately starts doing it again. Here's the log It should have full access rights to the install directory as I am on an admin account with UAC Turned off along with a couple other tweaks to run everything as admin with full rights automatically. Is it possible Im running out ram? Edit: Im running windows 7 x64 Bit 2.1ghz Dualcore 8gb Memory Heres the Error Displayed in visualstudio 2015
  5. I just imported my steam library and was in the middle of importing my other games however It seems like it was 2 many for Launchbox to handle at once and it locked up. So I had to end process. 2nd Time launching it Immediately crashes (pops up the loading bar then encounters an error). Its installed to a USB HDD. Where can I find error logs. It doesn't seem to have created anything in the Logs folder.
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