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  1. Yes, i understant, but i come up to an idea that i can create a script like Autohotkey that makes it work a combination of keyboard strokes, the problem is i am not even a newbie when it comes to scripting, and would like someone who whould help me with that.
  2. Hi, I have finished my arcade machine with arcade controls and all but, im having some issues adding Flatout ultimate Carnage game into bigbox: Flatout ultimate carnage has a setup startup screen that does not let me bypass it, i have tried to add some parameters to the game EXE, like -noConfig or -noSetup, and without success. These type of games are bundled into a big file that does not let me edit theirs configuration like a notepad file. There is no other EXE in the game folder, that launches directly the game without going through the initial setup. without this bypass bigbox just launches the game but i cant control that setup window without a mouse or keyboard... Can you help me pls? Compliments
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