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  1. Using mame 64 Currently launching correctly in Launchbox. Problem is when I am using Bigbox The screens work for a second but then goes black. I have to hit Alt-Tab on my keyboard for the screens to go back to normal. Please help
  2. Hello, The pointers are not showing with using BigBox. Is there something that I need to do to get them to show? I bet there is lol. Thank you for your help!!
  3. Noob Here, SO I already imported a bunch of stuff from EMUMovies but didn't realize that I needed a subscription for the video game clips. I now have a subscription so How do I now download video clips for the games? Your Pal The Noob
  4. Noob here, SO. I see on all of the youtube videos that when they start using bigbox and changing themes background videos play. Also I would like a little video playing when looking at a game. I thought I did everything correctly but these vids do not show up. Please help. Your Pal, The Noob
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