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  1. yeah all my other emulators are working fine currently with start ups ill try tweaking the settings of start up for kega but i dont mind not having start up for time being until i get my big box to where i want it get he big core stuff out of the way and then fix the small bugs thank you for the help
  2. i turned the worng thing off i tryed turning off the start up screen and it fixed it thank you i dont mind sarcrficing the simple start up to have it fully working
  3. its closes through LB but not BB i forgot to say that im trying to close through the pause screen ive managed to find where you can add script to the auto exit so ill try a close excute code aka a ALT+f4 kinda excute
  4. ran into a problem which im unsure how to fix still rather new to bigbox and launchbox but when i try to exit kegafusion it just hangs on a black screen i have to alt tab to fix which trying to do a full controller setup i have red in a post that you can make your own scripts but im not 100% how you do this through bigbox any help is much appreciated
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