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  1. I have the same issue. Password and username work fine on the website but not through LB. Note: I also updated to 11.11.
  2. I think you may have cracked it! I've been trying to replicate the error this morning and so far haven't had any crashes with the videos switched on. I've been able to edit around 50 games without issue and it wasn't ever getting passed 10. I'll keep going and post back if it does reoccur but fingers crossed you've solved it. Thanks for the time you've put into sorting this out it is appreciated. Regards Jonnie
  3. Will do, thank you again everyone for all the help pinning this down
  4. Ok, it wasn't the corrupt video file. With the videos switched back on in the details tab I just got another hang. I'll switch them off again and keep editing and see whether they stop completely.
  5. @C-Beats Ok, it definitely appears to be related to the videos. With the videos removed from the details tab I can't get it to hang. I tried turning them back on and still couldn't get it to hang. Now, it could either be toggling the videos off and on again that appears to have fixed it or it could be that I had a corrupt video file. Earlier I noticed that a couple of games still had the annoying red triangle and exclamation mark that Emu Movies provides for unplayable games. As nearly all of them are playable now I used Windows explorer to search for all the .mp4 files in my vi
  6. @C-Beats It's set to VLC. I'll have a go at removing the videos from the details panel and see if I can still get it to hang.
  7. I have videos displayed but they aren't set to auto play. I don't have any music at all. Jonathan
  8. Ok, here is my log with Beta 6. It took a while to hang this time but it did still do it. This was right click, edit, ok. Debug 2020-10-09 08-09-18 AM.log Here's one with right click, edit, cancel Debug 2020-10-09 08-16-09 AM.log As Josh said, thanks for the time you're putting into this it's greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi Jason I'm not I'm afraid, I tried changing from the new default to the old one to see if it made a difference but no joy. I also tried changing the background to a plain black image but it didn't help. Jonathan
  10. Ok, here is my log. It's just starting LB then opening and closing the edit Window a few times, then the hang. This one was right clicking and then pressing ok. Debug 2020-10-08 08-14-28 AM.log Here's one where I pressed the 'Edit' button and then 'Close' in the edit window Debug 2020-10-08 08-21-18 AM.log I'm not sure it shows much regarding the hang but then I don't really know what I'm looking for
  11. @C-Beats Yes, the game details pop back up and the crash happens almost immediately afterwards. I can't select another game, it freezes with the green box around the one I just edited.
  12. Ok, I just snuck on before swimming... @C-Beats Yes, it still does it when I press cancel. I had to open and 'cancel' the edit Window quite a few times but it did still cause the hang. So it appears to be anytime I return to the LB main interface from the edit menu. As stated previously, I haven't had it happen when returning from games though.
  13. @C-Beats I'm clicking OK. I'm not sure if it does it when I click cancel. I'll try a bit later, just about to take the kids to swimming...
  14. Ok, I just tried using the 'Edit' button in the main LB interface and I still get the crash. In the audit menu I can either right click and select edit or click the game name link without issue. Double clicking on a row doesn't do anything for me, do you click on a certain part or just anywhere? As another note, I don't have to change any of the metadata to get the crash in the main LB interface. Just opening and closing the Edit window on a few games is enough to cause the hang. Thank you for the help with this, it's appreciated.
  15. I'm right clicking and selecting edit. I haven't tried any other way but I can give it a go.
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