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  1. Hi, I'm also trying to set Big Box up with an MC Cthulhu board hooked up to an arcade stick, and I get the exact same thing. Direction presses usually result in moving two spaces, so it's useless. I searched and found two other threads about this, but so far there is no real resolution to the issue. I did exit Steam, and it does the same thing, so it doesn't seem to be a conflict with steam. I'm not running inputmapper or anything like it. I had an Emulationstation setup on this exact machine with this controller board, and it worked fine, which leads me to believe that there's something wrong with LaunchBox/Big Box's controller implementation. Is there a way to file a bug report? Since this bug has gone unresolved for what seems to be months according to these thread, it doesn't paint a great picture of responsiveness from the developer...
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