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  1. no problemo, you're welcome and thanks for fixing
  2. Heya Jason Thanks for answering. I'm using the newest LB non-beta 9.9 version with box view. It only started appearing when I added screenshots to games. Once I click on a few with the game details tab on it starts to add up very quickly. The RAM usage does not normalise if I disable the details tab. Also, I just realised that if I start LB without the details tab and if no screenshots ever get loaded that way, the RAM usage stays at <1GB. So I think it might be an issue with the details tab. So for now the workaround is not to use the details tab or to close LB after every launch. I can upload my whole LB folder (9GB) to Mega.nz if you'd like... I'm using W10 1809, 16GB RAM, 7700k, 1080Ti Let me know if you need more.
  3. Heya I currently got the issue where LB can easily consume up to 10 out of 16GB of RAM or even more. I don't even think it's a bug, LB is rather loading all the screenshots I got on display when selecting a game (sometimes it's up to a 100 screenshots per game). It would be nice to have the max RAM consumption limited again and the RAM cache should be cleared when selecting another game.
  4. Hi all I‘d like to import lots of screenshots to my launchbox but doing so is quite a hassle. I know you can drag and drop them to the ‚Edit‘ submenu but then they get recognised as box covers and need to be changed to screenshots. Adding them manually to the screenshot folder is a hassle as well as they all need to be manually/batch renamed... any way to add them automatically as screenshots instead of box shots?
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