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  1. Hello! So I've done hours and hours of trouble shooting, and here is where I'm at. I want to play games on my couch, next room over from my PC, on my big screen TV. I have a steam link, and it has an ethernet cord that runs up the roof and straight into the router, so I am hard-wired. While at the pc games work fine when I launch them from the emulator, from big box, from steam (nonsteam game), now from Big Picture Mode (this part was difficult not even sure what I changed that fixed it). Now, when I get on my steam link, I can load up a single game, but then all of the sudden the controller feels dead, none of the buttons do anything. I've attempted to minimize, or even close Big Picture Mode, but my controller won't work either way. Anyone out there have any solutions? I've been working on this for weeks and I'm at my rope's end here. Would really appreciate some help. Controller being used: Xbox360 with official Xbox 360 USB dongle. tl:dr: Games load perfectly through Big Picture and Steam, using Big Box, but once I arrive in game, the controller doesn't do anything. This only happens with the SteamLink, on my PC it runs perfect in the same situation.
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