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  1. Hi guys, Im looking at building a PC that is dedicated for a MAME cab, however I want it to be able to emulate N64. I was wondering what a reasonable entry level system would be that is cost effective. I simply require it to have launchbox running MAME, NES, SNES AND N64. Alternatively I would love you do a Raspberry Pi type build, but from what I see they are not up to the task of N64 emulation. thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I tried this many different ways with constant failure. In the end i have it working as i wanted, i had to change the Bigbox default view to "platforms categories" and set all my consoles to show in "root" so that my first wheel shows all consoles including "Arcade" as a console, then when i select arcade, the playlists are a separate wheel main startup screen with all "platforms" bellow Arcade sub-categories inside the "Arcade" platform.thanks for all the replies.
  3. Hi @neil9000 Thanks for the reply, just to be clear my default view is platforms as picturedso i want the playlists to show up once i select Arcade from platforms so that i can have my MAME library nice and tidy while having my main startup screen to show platforms only. sorry again for my epic NOOBINESS cheers
  4. Hi @Retro808 Trying to figure out exactly how this works, I'm also using the Unified Theme and i want my default view to be platforms. Once i select the platform "Arcade" i want to see the playlists as sub-categories on a wheel instead of a confusing list of over 2800 games. I hope this is indeed possible, and sorry if it's actually very simple and i'm just being a complete NOOB. Thanks in advance.
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