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  1. Oh thank God that'll be easy thank you guys so much. I can't believe I didn't see this sooner. Sorry! I'll let you know if I get it up and running tonight.
  2. So I think I was totally stupid. I noticed last night that all of my zips are in individual subfolders. so basically, the 1941 zip file is inside of a subfolder called 1941. So the main file inside the roms folder itself is a subfolder, not a zip file. I need it to be all zip files in there correct? I think I just need to find a program that will let me mass pull out all the files inside of subfolders in a folder. Do you know any programs that would let me do that?
  3. Any ideas about this kind of error popping up inside of MAME UI itself? The rom zip file is in the roms folder inside MAME UI and it's pointed that way as well.
  4. So I'm thinking it might be the romset? I would prefer to just stick with MAME standard if possible...I just tested the roms in MAME UI though, since I have the roms currently in the Roms folder inside the MAME UI folder. I'll attach the error that I get when I try to run a game. Do I need to download a brand new rom set?
  5. The first time I set it up and imported the games into Launchbox, I was using standard. I didn't even know about UI until last night. So I deleted all the games out of Launchbox, and started the process for getting it set up with UI just to see if that would be any different. Inside UI itself, it was still telling me that there were missing files for the games I was trying to run. I haven't imported the games into Launchbox again yet. And I can't recall...did you mention how we can tell if my Romset is bad or not? If there's a file that should be in each zip or something that's not there or something, I could always check that.
  6. I know that I had pointed it to the folder where my games currently are...I did that both in Launchbox and Mame and it still didn't work. I'll try again later this evening and see if I have any better luck. Is there any difference between using Mame64.exe vs the mameui.exe? Is there a difference between MAME .211 and MAME UI? I saw that ETA Prime in one of his tutorial videos was talking about using MAME UI.
  7. Yes, when I import the games, it's right around 2816. Is there a way to tell if the romset is a bad romset? I guess I'm not sure what you mean by the mame.ini with the rom path? I'm okay with computers, but only to a certain extent lol. Thank you for your help so far
  8. Originally, it wasn't in the ROMs folder of the MAME emulator originally but I changed it last night and will find out later if it's working. I'll update when I know.
  9. Hey guys, so I have a quick question: I'm still newish to Launchbox but I've gotten the hang of things for the most part by watching the latest tutorial videos and stuff on Youtube for getting systems set up and everything. Anyway, I just got Mame .211 and the .211 romset. I directed Launchbox to the Mame64.exe file for the emulator portion. And then, I imported the games themselves using the Mame Full Library Importer or whatever that option is called. I left off the options checked, such as no fruit games and things like that. The way I have my games/emulators set up, I have a folder within the Launchbox folder that is called Emulators and that stores all of my different emulators themselves within their own individual folders. The games themselves for all of my consoles, including MAME, are in a folder inside the Launchbox folder called Games. Each system has its own individual folder, including MAME. I imported the games directly from that MAME folder from within the Games folder that I have inside the Launchbox folder. So, whenever I try to load a game for MAME in Launchbox, it opens up a screen, says that it's loading, and then crashes back out. I had done a little bit of research trying to find some answers, so I went into MAME itself to see if I could load a game. As far as I can tell, every single game is not working correctly. When I try to run a game inside MAME, it pops up saying that it's missing a ROM or CHD file. And this is for every single game that I've tried to load inside MAME. What could be causing this? Also, what should be inside the zip files for each individual game? I just saw a bunch of random files. What file format is the rom itself? Oh, and in MAME itself, I went into the directory settings and pointed MAME itself to the MAME folder within the Games folder, thereby creating the mame.ini file out in the main Mame folder where the mame64.exe program is. What could I be missing? Can anyone help? Thanks!
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