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  1. Also, is there any way to create a cutom message for a selected game in bigbox? For example, I have some games that I prefer to run off my ps4 rather than through my computer but I still want to have the game presented through bigbox for display sakes. Is there any way I could have bigbox present a custom message when the game is selected by the user informing that it is a ps4 specific game? Like lets say I have Fifa 19 on my ps4. I can easily present it in bigbox but when the user clicks "play game" a message would appear telling the user he must switch to the ps4 source to play the game... Thanks in advance for all the help.
  2. Hi. Thanks for your reply. I've tried it and it works. Can you tell me what the max and min speed are for? I've tried changing the values but I don't see any differance...
  3. Is there any way to have bigbox cycle through the installed games automitically? for example, while no one is using the cabinet can it run through my installed games stoping at each game for a minute or so? sort of like a screensaver mode so it doesn't just sit there on one game all the time...
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