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  1. I am having issue adding Sega Hikaru and Gaelco into Launchbox. Can anyone please assist me with adding the games. I try Demul and it does not find the files.
  2. Yeah I have the emulator and it looks confusing by Ill try my best. Thanks for the information.
  3. I am trying to get it to work in Retroarch however, I am having some issues. I do not want to use WinUAE for the emulation.
  4. Okay u been a big help.. you are correct I had to change the label on how they are written in LB, also I figured out you can change the image in LB by right clicking and added clear logo and set it to clear logo. Thanks for the assistance on this one.., I do have another question my pc is not made for gaming and I am putting my LB/BB on TB external to add to my gaming pc I just received.. but LB is still pointing to my C drive, how can I point everything to my D drive external so all the info comes to my next pc?
  5. not sure.. for example If I have image for TurboGrafx CD, but the system wheel said NEC TurboGrafx CD, I have to match that?
  6. Thank you for getting back to me.. It still did not work. I refresh all images and I still do not get clear logos for certain systems.
  7. When I'm in the Unified theme in Big Box. I am not getting the Clear Logos on the game wheel inside each console or handheld. it just gives me list of the games in text. Please assist
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