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  1. Gildahl

    AHK Clarification

    Can someone explain *exactly* when the "Exit AutoHotKey Script" is fired? For example, if I put a simple SoundBeep command in the "Running AutoHotKey Script" tab, I hear the beep whenever the emulator is started. However, if I put a SoundBeep command in the "Exit Autohotkey Script" tab, I haven't yet been able to hear the beep--even when using the Exit option within the Pause menu. This tab must have a purpose.
  2. Just out of curiosity, have you tried filtering the voting by free vs. paid license users? Are the results similar?
  3. Gildahl

    AHK Clarification

    That sounds like a reasonable approach. I should be able to give it a try tonight. Thanks.
  4. Gildahl

    AHK Clarification

    Huh. Guess I'm a little disappointed. What I really need is a way to run a script on start of game and another on exit of game...and what would be even more enormously helpful, would be the ability to feed the name of the game rom to these as a parameter. Just wishful thinking?
  5. Gildahl

    AHK Clarification

    I use Ultimarc WinIPac and Ultrasticks. I have profiles for BigBox, and a separate profile for vanilla MAME, and often for specific games. When I startup BB, I have an AHK script that loads the stick and cp profiles for BB then launches BB. This works. I put a script in the "Running" script window for MAME that loads my vanilla MAME stick and cp profiles. This works. I put a script in the "Exit" script window for MAME that reloads my BB profiles. My hope was that this would run when I exit a game. This does not work. That's basically where I am at the moment.
  6. Gildahl

    AHK Clarification

    I'm new with LB/BB. In the emulator configuration, there are two tabs. One is for Running AHK script and another is for Exiting AHK script. I was assuming the first was executed when the emulator is started, and the second is executed when the emulator exists. Since it doesn't appear to be working that way for me, I was wondering if someone could explain how it really works (especially the Exit script). Thanks!
  7. Well, guess I figured it out. Don't need the custom playlist after all--I just needed to restart LB to see that the custom field and all its values are inserted into the filter list automatically, so now I can easily filter by Emulator. Cool.
  8. Ok, I tried this and it worked. I liked the product quite a bit, so I purchased a lifetime license. So I have an additional related question now. I created my "Arcade" platform list, which consists of a list of games using a mix of emulators (i.e. some using MAME_145, some using MAME_202, etc.), I would now like to be able to filter this list by emulator (say, if I wanted to do a bulk edit of the command line for Mame 202 games, or do a bulk migration of Mame 202 games to a future version of mame), but I don't see "Emulator" as a filtering option in the LaunchBox pull-down list. Perhaps I'm just missing it? A work-around is to add a custom field called "Emulator", always fill it in, and create an auto-populate playlist from it. That's fine, but its extra maintenance that I'd like to avoid if possible. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. Sounds reasonable. I'll give it a try.
  10. And the games can all appear in a single list? Assuming so, does this have to be done on a game-by-game basis, or can I simply combine lists. So for example if I have 500 games in c:\MAME1\roms and 500 games in c:\MAME2\roms, I can just have it merge the two lists together rather than have to change the game-specific configurations for 500 games?
  11. I'm strongly considering moving to BigBox for my arcade machine, but I have one big question. How does LaunchBox/BigBox deal with multiple mame versions? I have multiple parallel MAME versions in order to support certain games that run best in older versions; yet I want all of my mame games to appear in a single list. Can this be done? In my current frontend, I can just merge the lists from multiple emulators, so just wondering if LB/BB can do this sort of thing.
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