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  1. Currently the best solution to access your entire library anywhere is to add Big Box to Steam and use a remote Steam app on the device. I play my full library anywhere from my phone/tablet/laptop/etc. this way. Native support for client/server would be nice though!
  2. I was able to get this resolved through another post I found. Thanks to the community for their help!
  3. NOsauce

    Mame - UI Menu

    Thank you very much! That was fast help. This worked for me. Everything is working great now!
  4. Hello all! I have been having an issue with the LB/BB pause screen when using the Retroarch - MAME core. I have set the hotkey combination to Start + Select on my gamepad, but it brings up the MAME UI, rather than the pause screen. I would prefer to be able to bring up the pause screen, but I am not sure how I can achieve this. Any help is appreciated! I will link to an example screenshot of the MAME UI that I am referring to. The pause screen shows up fine with other emulators and Retroarch cores.
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