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  1. This is AWESOME! I couldn't ask for anything more from Jason's side - only that this post be a humble PSA to the designer/developers here donating their time on theme support as a curtesy to the user experience. Thank you for the very helpful suggestion keltoigael. I happen to have already been under the hood on this one so to speak and I appreciate By Jack's work here. Many of the views on this theme however aren't working correctly which is directly where my comment earlier derived from. I'm super impressed by the discourse here so thanks again guys. I feel incredibly w
  2. I'm sorry! What I was referring to were the number of features each theme supports (views), not the features built into LaunchBox/BigBox. I caught Jason's feature poll live stream and am a big fan of him, his character and his work here.
  3. Thanks for the swift responses guys, In the theme download manager of BigBox, there is a meta text for this where most themes are showing as supporting any aspect ratio. I'm asking there be more diligence in making this accurate in spite of the fact that it may be unusual. Most go with a Raspberry Pi, but Arcade1UP's have plenty of enthusiasts looking to trade out that hardware with a PC running LaunchBox/BigBox, and there are many cabinet enthusiast who prefer the authenticity of a 4:3 monitor or CRT. Best, Grant
  4. Hi LaunchBox community, I just want to make a simple yet important request for the developers here. Please do a better job of stating what screen aspect ratio your theme is designed for. If your theme doesn't scale to and support 4:3 or 5:4 and was only designed for 16:9 screens, don't state that it works for all aspect ratios without actually having native support for them. I'm coming from the Arcade1UP modding community where those small boxes come with a 5:4 screen and will be working on a 4:3 or 5:4 theme for BigBox coming up due to the major lack of feature rich options here.
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