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  1. So my issue seems to be with Retroarch. I'm new to this whole thing. My retroarch download is recent. When I try to load Atart games a black screen comes up and I get those boxes where text should be and nothing happens. When I load a Sega Genesis game the audio is choppy and video is slow. I have a different emmulator for Super Nintendo and it works fine. So, maybe something in the Audio/Video settings? I've checked to make sure my drivers are up to date.
  2. I'm guessing this is part of my issue. When I open retroarch I get the goofy thing on the bottom left where there should be text. The same thing happens when I try to load a game.
  3. So upon further investigation I had the Vista version of retroarch installed. I deleted and installed the windows 10 version. So now I get a window that pops up, but it stays black and the sound I get is like choppy music.
  4. as far as I can tell I have all that correct
  5. I watched a tutorial to help with this, but it's not working right. I loaded the Atari 2600 Roms into Launchbox and everything looks great. I have retroarch as the emulator and downloaded the 2600 core into it. However, when I click on a game the processing wheel spins for a second and then nothing happens.
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