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  1. This has solved most of the problem! Thanks you! The solution was to set it correctly in the associated platform. For some reason however, NES Games still have that bugs, but when I did it for Adventure Vision, Fairchild Channel F, Genesis and Atari 2600, they boot correctly. Im trying to investigate why its happening... nes -cart is what is present for the Nintendo Entertainment system in the associated platform list EDIT : Creating a second instance of a emulator in Launchbox and checking "use file namy only without file extension" and unchecking "Extract ROM Archives" will make everything work for the NES and broke the other system mentioned (second instance solve it for all)
  2. Hello again Here a picture showing the two system and the Associated Platform list. Ill be honest though, im not too sure how this Associated Platforms tab works, so I assumed I just had to type the console's name. The path for each rom is something like this : ..\MAME\roms\advision\defender.zip Could it be a potential trouble?
  3. Hi, ill take a look for it. Suprised that it doesnt work for me. Did you do any specific configuration for MAME or you all leaved at default? I find it pretty strange that it doesn't work... I checked the associated platforms fields and I don't have any errors.
  4. I have done the test, and the games still doesn't launch (same error). I already have the bios for the Adventure Vision as it is required by Vanilla MAME in order to run the games. In fact, anything that I try to run in MAME (NES, Genesis, AdventureVision, Game & Watch) doesn't work on Launchbox but work if I run it directly throught MAME. Ive read many reason, such as rom path (ive double checked and they are exactly the same) and something about MAME 0.212 not working like its predecessor and causing trouble in Launchbox.
  5. Hello there I am trying to use MAME 0.212 on Launchbox to run the AdventureVision and Sega Genesis games as a test before importing all my other roms from other systems and I have 2 main problem. The first one is that when I try to launch one of the games, I see MAME doing a "initialization" and quit right after. Using MAME directly, I can run those games without problems. In the import Wizard, I asked it to not move the file (so It can point to MAME one). I also tried importing Sega Genesis games and I have the same problem when I run them. The second problem is that it refuse to import Space Force, one of the four AdventureVision games for some reason, despite being in the folder and being playable on MAME Launchbox and MAME are in their own folder, but both of them are in a global folder. Software Lists is version 0.202 (according to guide, If it work on MAME, it should work on Launchbox as well) Any helps would be greatly appreciated (Picture attached for emulator settings)
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