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  1. I've been using LaunchBox for a while now because I really like Big Box but something I've always had issues with in the past is Big Box would sometimes take a second to respond to user inputs. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but there's this unnatural disconnect where it takes a certain amount of time before whatever action you are doing is reflected on screen, eventhough the appropriate menu sound effect plays immediately. I used to think it was hardware related. My old setup was a 3570k with 16GB ram. I've recently upgraded to a 3700x with 32GB ram and did a fresh reformat. With LaunchBox installed on an SSD, even with as little as 5 games from 2 platforms (Saturn and Wii U) with images, I still have the same problem. In Big Box, the large delay in input response allows me to still move around the platform menu, even after selecting a platform (hopefully I described that clearly. Basically the menu transition doesn't take effect until I stop moving and images are done loading). This happens both with a keyboard and controller. Using a quick transition type or even disabling transition animations altogether doesn't seem to make a difference.
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