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  1. Ok so when I open retro Arch the menu acts like I am holding down and just runs through the options. I don't know what happened. I cannot select anything and I cannot get it to stop. I tried asking Retroarch guys and they said it sometimes happens on stable, and I need to update to a Night version. I tried to ask them how to update this and they just ignored me. Maybe I was rude or something. Do you know how to fix this?
  2. How do you do this? I do not see any global settings. Sorry, I have no idea what I am doing.
  3. Hello, With your help I was able to get the Mame Arcade stuff working fine with the Joystick and Buttons. However, Every single genesis game i have don't react to the Joystick or buttons. The emulator is Retro arch. I know all the drivers and cores are correct. I can get it to work with a Xbox 1 controller. But I want these to work with the Arcade Joystick so they can be played via the arcade without additional Controllers. Is there anything I can do. The retroarch forum is not much help here. I attached the controller type here so you can get the idea of what I want to work. It works great for all the MAME games in Arcade mode.
  4. Yes, the hotkeys change the volume for windows. It's like having a Function button on the Arcade. I have 10 Buttons per side so this works great. Since half the games start at differant volumes, being able to change the volume without having to leave is a huge bonus.
  5. Perfect thanks. It worked. And now I have volume controls as well. It's like a Function key. Love it.
  6. Hello, I am making a summer project with my kids and I am stumped. I set up a Full size arcade. Most everything is wired and working fine. I can use the USB joystick and buttons to move around Big Box and select the games. The buttons all work on the games just fine, even the Coin/1p/2p buttons are fine. But I cannot find out how to Exit the games once I am in one except for using the ESC button on a Keyboard. I want to only have to use the USB joystick for this. How to I set up a button to allow me to exit active games? Any help would be great. I have 10 buttons for both 1st and 2nd players.
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