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  1. The beta did the job. Thanks for yourtime and effort!
  2. It worked for me as well. Thanks for your time and effort!
  3. Yes, thanks for all the effort. I use Windows 10 for business, but I loathe it. I also will hold out as long as possible. If I were to roll back to 10.1 which file do I need to run the installer over the top of?
  4. Controller:EASYSMX usb wired controller. OS: Windows 7. My controller works great in the games, just not at all iin the front-end.
  5. My 360 controller also doesn't work for the BigBox or the Launchbox stage - works as it did before in all of the games - just can't navigate the front-end. Any solutions so far?
  6. My USB 360 controller is not working since the update. It works with everything else relative to the PC. Any solutions to this? Can I reload the previous update?
  7. Ahh I understand. I love his work, that's why I bought it.
  8. I will clarify a bit - I don't believe one should get rid of Windows 10 if it's a typical family internet surfing unit. I have my Windows 10 computer so the wifey pooh can get on and buy her shoes, play BoobTube and do FacePlant. It's very secure for that kind of stuff and I will not deny that. Then I have my emulation comp which runs Windows 7, includes BigBox (which works great now that I loaded 7, got rid of rocketlauncher and set up my own personal build), my flight sim (which won't work well with 10), etc. and is almost never online. Then I have my ancient EQ/old PC game comp (yeah I still play that almost every night) and that is still sporting XP - just for old times sake. Now when did Windows stop supporting XP? I have had few problems through the years playing EQ online and zero which I couldn't take care of myself with the XP OS. I understand your concerns with my original simplistic statement, but as you can see, between the lines stuff fills a lot of space. I'm really not a Microsoft guy at heart and am, at this very moment, building my first Linux device. Why don't you guys see if you can get a launchbox version going for that!
  9. I repeat, Windows 10 is a POS - and that's that.
  10. Do yourself a favor and just can Windows 10. After I erased 10 and loaded Windows 7 haven't had a problem with anything related to emulation (BigBox), gaming and downloading in general. Windows 10 is for selling you stuff, like your phone, but for gaming and emulation creativity it's a POS. Windows 7 is the last good gamers choice besides, of course, Linux - but it's not proprietary with LaunchBox.
  11. I did that and hit OK and the change confirmation window popped up and I approved the change and it still freezes at launch. So then I deleted all the files for that rom, imported another one that corrupted 7zip and most of the files in my 64 folder. I'll just keep trying until I have learned everything about this ;}
  12. Perfect Dark is the only game I have in my Nintendo 64 file that freezes when loading through Retroarch. It is also the only file i have where the launch file reads: Games\Nintendo 64\Perfect Dark(USA)(Rev A)-1.n64 The -1 is where it's different from all of the other launch files for all of the other Nintendo 64 games i have, all of which work fantastically. Has anyone ever had this situation? I'm not sure if it's an issue, but i have heard from one obscure source that it is, and specifically relative to not launching. I don't know exactly what to do about it though.
  13. I found something interesting in the ROM files for Perfect Dark, N64. - the launch file is as such : Games\Nintendo 64\Perfect Dark\(USA) (Rev A)-1.n64 There are two files in the main game directory for Perfect Dark, one reads as the launch reads and the other doesn't have the -1. I remember viewing an obscure vid where this was addressed and for that person the -1 was a problem. I have checked all of the other files, launch entries and main folder for the other games in the 64 file and none of theme have the -1 in them - only Perfect Dark. Have you seen this issue before?
  14. I've viewed all of his tutorials, many more than once. I will review them again and see if this is addressed. I appreciate the fast and honest response. All just stepping stones, and perhaps I've reached that stone that suggests hopping in another direction. As an old instructor of mine once said, "sometimes the most difficult yet sensible thing to do is admit it's time to just start all over again."
  15. I understand. I was hoping someone out there could tell me something about it, figuring I'm not the only person with this build, as I have found zip on BubeTube, or generally Google, literally zip. I will consider dumping the whole thing and starting over. Thanks just the same.
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