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  1. Just realized I didn't post the resolution for this problem. Kondorito is correct, unchecked startup tab and problem solved.
  2. Sorry bout the double thread, I thought I was posting in a different area. The only time I have "the no picture problem" with both LB and BB is with the new update. Rolled back it works great. So that is where I'm playing. I apologize for being a dumb ass with this stuff but I am a that's that. I assure y'all I'm not attempting to be a thorn in your side, I'm just trying to learn this stuff and if you're impatient with helping a low common sense noob like myself, I understand. I appreciate the input thus far.
  3. Hi all, since the latest update none of my games from any platform will load a picture. The sound works and the games play and respond to my controller but the screen is blank. I rolled it back to an earlier version and all is working as it has before - great. When I updated again it reverted back to no picture. Has anyone else out there had this experience, now or any other time? I would appreciate a response if so. I can run this without updating but I would rather roll with the updates if possible.
  4. I just rolled it back to the previous update and it worked, installed the new update and no picture again. So I'll just not update from here on out.
  5. But anyway, thanks for the input. The first step was to see if anyone else was experiencing this glitch and it's now obvious I have a personal problem which I will figure out by myself.
  6. I'm using Retroarch, and the picture doesn't play regardless. All other features of the games run fine.
  7. I'm running Windows 7 and it did just update a couple days ago. The emulator works fine except for the picture. It has sound and the game responds to input from my controller - blank screen.
  8. Since the latest update the picture does not load for any of my games. I have sound and can hear the game playing, but the picture remains black.
  9. The beta did the job. Thanks for yourtime and effort!
  10. It worked for me as well. Thanks for your time and effort!
  11. Yes, thanks for all the effort. I use Windows 10 for business, but I loathe it. I also will hold out as long as possible. If I were to roll back to 10.1 which file do I need to run the installer over the top of?
  12. Controller:EASYSMX usb wired controller. OS: Windows 7. My controller works great in the games, just not at all iin the front-end.
  13. My 360 controller also doesn't work for the BigBox or the Launchbox stage - works as it did before in all of the games - just can't navigate the front-end. Any solutions so far?
  14. My USB 360 controller is not working since the update. It works with everything else relative to the PC. Any solutions to this? Can I reload the previous update?
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