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  1. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I will throw this out there. For some people who maybe lost some of all of their collection or maybe even for guys just getting into this. I would like to be able to add multiple platform roms at once. Now maybe I can and just didn't know it. When I started I added all my emulators in launchbox then when I was adding roms I selected a platform for them to relate too. While it was importing I couldn't que up the next emulator. So I had to wait till each platform was done. Felt like I had to babysit the pc, when I could have just came back x amount of time and started to play. Thought about adding two folders for different systems since they would be using the core from retro arch but I didn't think it would populate more then one platform.
  2. worked great thanks. I will have to look into doing that to other titles, that might need it in the future. thanks.
  3. There is a 2player TMNT arcade? Thought those were all 4 player. I will have to check for that too once I get home tonight
  4. Would it to be possible to have both show on the list an just have their names changed? like x-men 6play
  5. If I go thru mame it's self I have like 6 version of it. xmen 4 player (EU, JPN.. etc) and the 6 player is there and works. might have to force import dups thanks. I will have to tinker with it tomorrow. Trying to let the metadata update. probably got a ways to go.
  6. bakamorgan

    x-men 6 player

    I went and found... or at least I THINK I found the rom for 6 player xmen version and it don't want to import or launch. It matches at a couple different websites. Was curious if anyone else had it and had issues loading it?
  7. I have dabbled in emulators and roms and such. Was thinking about making a LB/BB into a server chassis and run the HDMI cable to the TV about ~34ft away. My only concern would be the controllers. Sure I would remote desktop in to the pc to edit and add things. But wasn't sure how to get the controllers all the way over since I'm not sure wireless would even work with some walls in between. Anyone else tried this or you guys just put the PC next your TV or in a cabinet? If I did build a cabinet I would aim for a pedestal since It saves room and cost. thanks
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