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  1. HI

    Ive set a button on my pad to screen capture and works ok. But the screenshots it takes are black screens instead of game pics. Any1 help with this.


    So it seems this problem is only with Dreamcast games. I'm using Redream. Any1 else have this issue?

  2. Hi again. Well ive got it working now. i still have to press start when prompted but then it loads straight into the table. Is that normal.  It seems its like i said, as soon as i got a version of the game same as the Mod, worked first time. but you weren't the only one who told me that that it shouldnt matter. the guy who made it says the same. Anyhow, it works and thats great cheers. And thanks for keeping it going till id sorted it. 

    saying that, its not the plaza version im using now. could have been their rips.

  3. 1182137938_Screenshot(17).thumb.png.3e3bc3092cbc7bbebaa860795119741c.pngHi Bud

    Cheers for reply and help. I followed your instructions to the letter. When i select a table, game loads to the menu screen and i get an error telling me im using the wrong version.  Is it the version of the game maybe. Plaza Pinball season 1-7 Pro packs. 


  4. Hi folks.

    I recently got a rip of Plaza Pinball arcade. I've updated it to the latest version i can find 1.70.6. I'm looking to run it through Launchbox and be able to display all the tables in a list so i can load individual tables through it. I understand i need cabinet mode for this and after reading a few posts on these forums i downloaded TPA freemod. Now, when i install the mod and run it, it automatically updates to a version of TPA thats later than mine so i cant point it to the exe. I have searched a good deal and cannot find any further updates for my version of TPA. 

    Can anyone lend a hand. i really want to run this and be able to launch tables from a list in Launchbox.

    Thanks :)

  5. Hi folks.

    I'm not new to emulation, but i'm pretty new to Launchbox. So far i have managed to get over 20 systems up and running thanks to the millions of brilliant tutorials on this site, this is the first time i have had to request help. 

    I'm trying to get configurator next running in LB and from what i have read all i need to do is drop the app into the plugins folder in LB. So i copied and pasted it into said folder and when i right click on a game in LB there is no option to configure.  I'm running LB 10.0(updated yesterday) and i have a folder full of game configs from Zombeaver.

    Much appreciated if anyone can help out.

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