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  1. I had the wrong file! followed your link and its working now. Thank you very much 😀, appreciated.
  2. There is a folder called PCSX2 Configurator next and a .sln file. i extracted both to LB plugins. when i fire up LB and right click a PS2 game there is still no option to config. Thnks for the quick reply.
  3. Hi folks. I'm not new to emulation, but i'm pretty new to Launchbox. So far i have managed to get over 20 systems up and running thanks to the millions of brilliant tutorials on this site, this is the first time i have had to request help. I'm trying to get configurator next running in LB and from what i have read all i need to do is drop the app into the plugins folder in LB. So i copied and pasted it into said folder and when i right click on a game in LB there is no option to configure. I'm running LB 10.0(updated yesterday) and i have a folder full of game configs from Zombeaver. Much appreciated if anyone can help out.
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