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  1. Thank you for any help in regards. Keep up the good work. Other than that one issue I am enjoying having Launchbox on android.
  2. I enabled debug log and get following report. Hopefully this help in figuring out problem?
  3. I have Launchbox Android running through Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 and connected to AtGames Legends Ultimate Cabinet for Video and controls. The control deck of the Legends cabinet is paired via USB OTG. Launchbox responds to all button presses but the minute I touch joystick in any direction on control deck ....Launchbox crashes to Android TV Homescreen of my Nvidia Shield Pro 2019. Launchbox responds normally if I just use the Nvidia Shield gaming controller, which is an Xbox type controller. Any ideas how to just use my AtGames Legends Control Deck and not have to rely on controller?
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