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  1. Totally understood I wish there was a really good, modern MAME solution for newer romsets on Android. Seems like such a huge gap on the platform. My dream would be to see some newer arcade games run smoothly on Shield, like Cave's Espgaluda II. That one still chugged even when Retroarch had the newer cores.
  2. Is there any hope on the horizon for solid MAME support on Shield/Android? Looks like Retroarch has scaled way back to Mame 2003 in their available cores. MAME4droid works OK with my romset on it's own, but LB won't let you select it from the emulator options. Any hope of getting Arcade games up and working?
  3. Just noticed that when exporting TG16 CD or PCE CD, only the .CUE files are copied over, so they won't work. A hack for now is to just manually copy over the .IMG and other relevant files, but would be good to get this fixed in a future update. I think someone else noticed this and put it in the SGX thread, but I thought it deserved it's own bespoke headline as I was stumped for a while!
  4. Ok I figured it out. First of all, I had exported the package to a newly formatted drive, before I ever connected the drive to the Shield. Then, I exported the package in a root directory on the drive I had called "Launchbox". If you put the files in this kind of file structure, they won't be recognized. What I did is I moved them to a new folder "Android" on the external drive and used the following path: Android>data>com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox>files>LaunchBox Now, everything is recognized fine. Thanks for the help! P.S. Your tip helped me figure it out. I looked at the internal drive and saw the file structure where the Launchbox folder had been placed. Then I saw the Shield had created a similar file structure on the external drive (Android>data> etc...) and figured that must be where the files had to go.
  5. Hello, I exported my Launchbox package for Android to a removable hard drive, and then connected that drive to my Nvidia Shield. The drive is listed under "removable storage" rather than "device storage" on the Shield. Launchbox for Android can't seem to navigate to the file. Is there any way to point Launchbox at the package sitting on the removable storage?
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