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  1. Hi all. Recently set up bigbox and for the most part everything has gone smoothly, however some of my platform select logos are just plain white text, I have the logos I want to use but which folder do they go in and how are they named?, do they have to have a . JPEG/.png file name?. I thought they might go in the launchbox/platforms/clear logo folder but that doesn’t seem to work. Any advise welcome. Thanks
  2. Ah perfect! Thanks that’s what I need to know. Only had to deal with box art and snaps in retropie so only two folders to add to per system the themes themselves are pre built. Thanks again.👍🏻
  3. Thankyou for that very informative reply. Just a quick note on the system art (before you go in to the game select for that system), does this have its own folder too?.I’m sure when I get used to it, it will all fall into place and be straightforward. I’m looking forward to getting to know the setup, when I went through all this with retropie I spent more time building than playing, think I’ll be going down that road again😁
  4. Thanks for that info, when I saw the demo’s Of various themes I figured that was what I was downloading, I’m used to retropie where the theme is setup straight from download. I’ll have a play around with various things. Is there any tutorials you know of that show how to add art etc?, I’ve already imported all my video snaps from my retropie build and they are all working for all systems, but I don’t know which folders to put art etc in.
  5. Hi all, new guy here so first post. I’ve been using launchbox for a while now and I love it, so easy to use. Yesterday I jumped in and bought big box. As soon as I booted it I decided to download a couple of alternate themes, however when I select them I just get a black screen with the font and the system select wheel, is there any setup involved in these themes?
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