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  1. Yeah, so sorry. I didn't see the other topic below about install issues. I was installing from a much older version to 10.0. After I manually updated dotnet to 4.8, Launchbox ran and updated to 10.1 successfully. Back in business !
  2. Hello, I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I had an issue with the Launchbox installer not finishing properly. It would install the Launchbox files and move on to DirectX. Then It just vanished after a few moments of no progress on Direct X install. When I try to run what was in the Launchbox folder, both Launchbox and Big Box 'have stopped working' immediately. I checked my DirectX with dxdiag and there were no errors mentioned. I didn't see a way to test dotnet, so I just downloaded the full 4.8 version of dotnet framework and installed it. I re-ran the Launchbox installer and this time it finished properly. The programs now run ! Just letting others know that checking the dotnet framework is a valid trouble-shooting step ! Thanks ! Silver
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