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  1. Or perhaps just delete games I don't like once I've tried them out. Of course with the amount of games included seems like more trouble than it's worth. LOL
  2. Ok. Downloaded complete .213 rom set. The Non-merged set. So I am now wondering should I try to use the Full Mame install option in LaunchBox?
  3. Ok. I am downloading the full non-merged set and will keep you all updated. Thanks again for all the help and support.
  4. Ok. Is there any advantage of one structure over the other? Also, I don't have enough space on my computer for all of this, so I needed to change my default download path in qtorrent to an external drive. Would moving this path be problem with downloading?
  5. So on PD site, I see Split, Non-Merged and Merged as my options for roms. What's the difference between these options? The Non-Merged is double file size.
  6. Isn't a full set going to be thousands of games though? And require massive amount of space?
  7. Wow. Thanks for sending this info. It will definitely help me figure out what files I am missing. I will keep you posted on how this progresses. I am thinking I might organize things better as well. Perhaps folders for each game with specified files.
  8. Ok, so it looks like the file I downloaded that was supposed to be sfiii chd file was called sfiii3.zip. When I extracted it to see what was in it shows as: cap-33s-2.chd The only sfiii3u file I see has a file size of only 129kb so that can't be right.
  9. Sorry, I didn't download a full set. Since I didn't get from PD, I can't confirm that the roms are in fact a complete set. But the place I got these from seems to have lots of large packs. I will only say that it is from AP. Hopefully I won't get in trouble for that. As for the ones that are greyed out, Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar 2, PacMan, Ninja Gaiden, King of Fighters 2005 10th Anniversary, King of Fighter 2004 Spec Ed. There are several others that are greyed out for specific regions but in most cases I have a working version either World, Euro, or USA. I will need to do further testing of every game 1 at a time to get complete list of what games aren't working, but I can confirm that Street Fighter III Third Strike won't load, Strider 2, Bloody Roar 1 and 2, PacMan. Those for sure don't work in MAME.
  10. Hi. So I found a full set that is supposed to be for v 0.202 of MAME. So I rolled back to that version and then downloaded all the roms and chd files that I think I need, but there are still several games that are greyed out and don't work in MAME itself. Most of the Capcom games work now though since I was able to get the proper qsound among the downloads. I know you guys said don't piecemail it, but I would rather not spend days download 5000+ games when I really only want like less than 100 which are mainly fighting games. I suppose I will need to figure out how to get PD working if that is best way to ensure I am getting the right stuff.
  11. Yeah. These have definitely been pieced together over the years. Some of the sites I remember using don't even seem to have downloads anymore.
  12. It has been a long time since I downloaded these roms, so they are definitely not most update set. Any recommendations on where I can get most updated versions of these roms. It seems like some of the sites I remember using way back no longer have downloads.
  13. So I am using the latest MAME64 for windows. I believe it is 213b. I tried loading some games directly using MAME instead of Launchbox and it showed me missing files such as qsound. For example, Darkstalkers says it is missing dl-1425.bin file. But what I don't understand is that qsound.zip is in the roms folder. I searched online this morning and tried a couple different versions of qsound.zip but it still won't work. I checked my OpenEmu setup on my Mac, and I seem to be using older Mame version (but it is also the Mac version, so not sure if that makes difference).
  14. Hi. I am new to LaunchBox. I tried reading through the Noob section to see if there was something that could address my issue, but so far haven't found anything. So I imported all my ROMs for fighting games to test out LaunchBox on my Windows 10 computer. This ROM set are all tested and working on my Mac via OpenEmu. But when I tried to load some of these either they wouldn't load at all, or it would bring me to the Machine Loading screen with the percentage and then it would just close and send me back to LaunchBox. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Do I need to find different ROMs for these games to work? Or is there some configuration that is not right? Thanks
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