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  1. No I was just using windows. With no program. I'll get ds4windows. But thank you for the awesome work and help. That beta is working great and I can get some playing time. Just needs to remap the trigger buttons. For start and select.
  2. It's working but I have to remap the buttons. Works fine if wire is connected. Does bluetooth works for this? The start button is L2
  3. Ok thanks a lot. I also have 1 other problem. When loading up some of the systems I get an error code.
  4. Hey thank you Jason car for responding. Do you have like an email or facebook so I could get mine working like urs? I'm not work at the moment. Well my computer detected fine using bluetooth. Its paired and everything. But when I launch big box or lb it doesnt work. I tried using inputmapper but it's just going krazy. Yeah wireless controller and all controller or something like that.
  5. Is there any way this will work with bluetooth ps4 controller? I'm having a hard time getting it to connect or work properly. I'm running windows 10. And my windows picked it up but when I tried to config it on bigbox it wont move unless I connect it with the wire. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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