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  1. I am having an issue as well, my problem is the Controller Automation settings don't even exist within BB or LB for me. I do have a premium license as well and have that installed in LaunchBox. I setup PCSX2 and would like to be able to exit a game and go back to the BB menu to choose a new game after hitting a specific button combination on the controller. However, I have no options available to me to setup Controller Automation. I have keyboard automation options available to me within BB and those work when I use keyboard commands, but when I want to play on my TV (via Nvidia Gamestream) I have no way of exiting the current game via controller buttons. I took a look at a forum post (included in the album for this post) and tried to locate the settings that the poster mentioned to no avail. If anyone has any idea what I am missing I would appreciate the help. Screenshot Album
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